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Surf Over to the NBCI Website

May 11, 2011

ncbi logoThe National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) has an outstanding website that every quail hunter and upland bird enthusiast should add to their "favorites" list! The site is easy to navigate and provides a wealth of technical and management information, as well as timely news and links to state and federal agencies involved in bobwhite recovery; there is even a multimedia gallery. So surf over to the external link provided below to learn about quail management efforts throughout the species’ range.

The NBCI can be considered our national quail plan. The original plan was published in 2002 to help coordinate efforts among wildlife agencies and quail conservation organizations. Each state has a, "step-down" quail plan that functions within the NBCI. The NBCI was recently revised to include updated recovery objectives based on GIS analyses of land cover within each state, and is posted on the NBCI website.  

Your Missouri Department of Conservation supports the NBCI. Several of our staff participate in the National Bobwhite Technical Committee, which is a coalition of scientists and managers from state and federal agencies and conservation groups throughout the bobwhite’s range.


I think the NBCI always to help coordinate efforts among wildlife agencies and quail conservation organizations.

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