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Must-Have Quail Publications

Feb 20, 2009

image of huntersSome of my favorites are the "Covey Headquarter Newsletter," "On the Edge," "Rich Grasslands," "Quail-Friendly Plants of the Midwest" and the "Missouri Bobwhite Quail Habitat Appraisal Guide." You can download a copy of each of these from the Web.

The "Missouri Bobwhite Quail Habitat Appraisal Guide" and "Quail-Friendly Plants of the Midwest" are a must-have for private landowners managing for bobwhites. The "Quail-Friendly Plants of the Midwest" has great pictures and information on quail-friendly shrubs, grasses, legumes and forbs (wildflowers).

Over the years, while at conferences or workshops, I’ve come across other state quail publications devoted to bobwhite quail. Here are some of my favorites.

Stan Stewart with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources recently published a new quail publication titled "The Ecology and Management of Bobwhite Quail in Alabama." Check out this excellent quail management guide for landowners and biologists. Even though the book is written for Alabama quail fans, the guide is still appropriate and a “must-have” for Missouri quail enthusiasts. It doesn’t make a difference--nesting, brooding and shrubby cover is the same for quail in Alabama and Missouri!

Moving north, the University of Tennessee Extension Service’s new publication, “A Guide to Successful Wildlife Food Plots: Blending Science with Common Sense,” has some great information on the art of managing food plots. Planting food plots is more than just disking the ground and throwing out some seed. Check out this guide for the latest on food plot management.

I’ve already mentioned it once, but I have to mention it again. If you don't receive the "The Covey Headquarter Newsletter" sign up now! This quarterly newsletter is full of landowner success stories and provides readers habitat hints and information on future workshops.

Quail Unlimited has a nice publication on quail habitat needs and management. Both Quail Unlimited and Quail Forever have great magazines with information on habitat management, conservation programs and hunting. The National Wild Turkey Federation's magazine, "Get in the Game." has excellent information on wildlife habitat management. The spring issue has a great story titled "Managing for Bob and Tom." The article is about a central-Missouri landowner who is managing for bobwhite quail and as a result has watched his turkey flock grow.

Dr. Fred Guthery’s book “On Bobwhites” is a summary of what usable space is for bobwhite quail.

No doubt I’m leaving out others. Let me know if there's a book or publication that you like.

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