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Get the 2009 Your Key to Habitat - Quail Events Calendar

Jan 13, 2009

image of prairie fieldMale bobwhites start whistling April 1, and plant soybean or milo food plots starting May 13 and 28 according to the "Your Key to Habitat" calendar. The calendar is a must-have for anyone crazy about quail and grassland birds.

The calendar is very similar to the popular Natural Events or new Outdoor Heritage Calendars the Department offers each year, but the quail calendar is devoted entirely to quail and grassland birds. The calendar has been produced the past three years by Matt Seek and Lee Metcalf. It takes quite a bit of work to fill up 365 days with quail and grassland bird facts. Even harder during a leap year.

The Quail Events Calendar gives helpful habitat hints and biological information on bobwhite quail and other grassland birds. Contact your local Missouri Department of Conservation office or local Private Land Conservationist for a free copy.

While you’re at it, you might as well sign up for the Covey Headquarters Newsletter. This newsletter is produced by the Department of Conservation and published quarterly. The newsletter is free to any Missouri resident. You can sign up for the Covey Headquarter Newsletter by contacting Private Land Conservationist Jeff Powelson at

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