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Published on: Jul. 8, 2009

For this blog I'll let the pictures do the talking. I write about my farm a lot, so here are some more pictures. Enjoy!

image of CRP filter strip planted to little bluestem

CRP filter strip planted to little bluestem. This picture was taken four months after planting! What a stand.

image of successful rabbit hunt

A very successful rabbit hunt in 2006!

image of broomsedge field in July 2009

The "Broomsedge Field" in 2006. The dead trees in the picture are now full of blackberry briars. I disked around the dead trees for a few years to protect them from fire. The extra work was worth it!

image of farm shot

Here's the "Broomsedge Field" in July 2009. Looks different. Notice how the blackberries have grown in the cut cedars. This field was a mix of broomsedge and fescue. We sprayed the fescue in 2003 and again in 2005. We overseeded the field with native wildflowers in January 2005. We didn't plant any native grasses since there was a decent stand of broomsedge. Since then, little bluestem and Indian grass have shown up.

image of broomsedge and Indian paintbrush

Here's another picture of the "Broomsedge Field". Picture taken by Jean Stone. The red flower is Indian paintbrush. We burned this field in February 2009. Notice we didn't go back and burn the patches of grass that didn't burn. That's nesting cover close to brooding cover!

image of lanceleaf coreopsis

Lanceleaf coreopsis in full bloom. This field was a weedy fescue pasture that I sprayed with glyphosate four times to kill the grasses and weeds. I overseeded the field with a native grass and wildflower mix for glades. Picture taken by Jean Stone.

image of small glade on farm

Another small glade on the farm. This picture was taken in 2003. The site has changed quite a bit. The walnut tree finally fell down this year. Must have been all the fire. Yes, I burned down a walnut tree.

image of false indigo and desmodium

False indigo I planted by seed in 2006. Not quite a covey headquarter but getting close. We also planted desmodium with the false indigo. The desmodium is very thick under the false indigo.

image of lespedezia

Shrub lespedeza I planted from seed

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