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Quail Focus Area Success

Quail Focus Area Breeding Bird Survey
Staff and volunteers have completed breeding bird surveys on our 2C Quail focus Area in Carroll County. More
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Bradford Farm Quail and Pollinator Field Day Coming Up

MU Bradford Research and Extension Center Field Day is approaching. come see the latest happenings in the world of quail and pollinator habitat management. More

Summer 2014 Covey Headquarters Newsletter Available

The new edition of the Covey Headquarters Newsletter is now available. More

Short Steps to Quality Rabbit Habitat

Chop and Drop Edgefeathering
This early spring, get out your chainsaw, put on your work gloves and create some “Rabbit-tat” on your land More

Quail Quest 4- Missouri Quail Focus Areas

Bobwhite Quail Covey in Snow
In spite of my advanced state of aging it was heartening during this last week of quail season to be with hunters in their mid-20s and 30s. More

Quail Quest 3 - Central Missouri

Covey of Quail

Return of the Quail

Their passion for wildlife will inspire them to continue to do more. More

Quail Quest 2 - West Central Missouri

Man's hand holds a late-season quail chick
We ran into our first covey within 3 minutes of leaving the truck. More

Quail Quest - Northwest Missouri

Quail Hunting
Some of my best quail hunts in Missouri have occurred in the last two years as quail populations have responded to habitat management and drier summers. More

Take Heart - We Can Bring Quail Back

Amid years of doom and gloom predictions for the bobwhite quail, we can see a bright light on the horizon. That bright light got a little brighter this fall as the Department and our partner Quail Forever began an effort to inventory quail numbers on several of our private land Quail Focus Areas (QFAs) for the first time. More
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