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Xplor New Website for Kids

Jan 29, 2010

Get out! That’s what kids will want to do after they’ve spent some time on the new Xplor website from the Missouri Conservation Department. It’s filled with videos, animations and photos on nature and outdoor fun.


The 7- to 12 year-olds who’ve tested the site reported the following: Love the videos! The yuck facts are fun! Like the deer. Like clicking the birds and seeing them move.

The truth is that I added that last sentence. I LOVE clicking things and watching them move. I’m not sure what age that makes me, but it’s strangely enjoyable. Click…and a woodpecker pecks the tree. Click…and the fish (you’ll have to find them and try it yourself).

This new website complements our new print magazine, also called Xplor, which is published six times a year. The first issue will be landing in homes in just a few days (February 2010). Missourians with children ages 7 to 12 can get one free subscription per household (that can be addressed to the children’s names). If you’re in another state, you can’t get the free subscription, but your children can still enjoy all the free Web content.

If you happen to have subscribed to the Missouri Conservationist a few years ago, you would have seen Outside/In, a quarterly insert aimed at children. When we found that the majority of our readers no longer had younger kids at home, we decided to do a better job of reaching the intended audience. And since the Web offers the most dynamic content options, we’ve created both a print and a Web Xplor. We know that speedy Web connections aren’t available to everyone, though, so that’s where the print magazine will be the best choice for some Missouri families.

In any case, our goal is to inspire children to explore the outdoors and learn more about nature that’s close to home. Understanding rainforests is great, but understanding what it takes to keep our woods and wildlife healthy here is essential, too.

So check it out, then get outside!

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