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Take a Youth Hunting

Oct 15, 2009

Youth HuntLate October brings the beginning of several special opportunities for experienced hunters to mentor the younger generation. Missouri’s upcoming Youth Hunting Days are as follows:

Oct. 24–25 Youth duck hunting (north zone)

Oct. 31-Nov. 1 Youth duck hunting (middle zone)

Nov. 21–22 Youth duck hunting (south zone)

Oct. 24–25 Youth pheasant hunting (north zone) and youth quail hunting

Oct. 31–Nov. 1 Youth firearms deer hunting (early portion)

Jan. 2–Jan. 3, 2010 Youth firearms deer hunting (late portion)

The youth days are always on a weekend and precede the opening day of the regular seasons. For young deer hunters, there is the additional weekend at the end of the firearms deer season.

Youth HuntOf course, youth hunters can hunt during the regular hunting seasons too. The Youth Hunting Days give young hunters an opportunity to hunt earlier with less competition. Mentors should have more time to devote to young hunters because the regular seasons are not yet open. To participate, youth hunters must be at least six years old and not yet 16 years old on the youth opening day. Youth who are not yet hunter-education certified must hunt with a properly licensed adult who is hunter-education certified or exempt by age. Youth who are hunter-education certified may hunt without an adult mentor.

If you are an experienced hunter, I hope that you’ll take one of these opportunities to introduce a young person to the tradition that has been so important in your life. What may be a small thing to you can stimulate a lifetime of outdoor experiences for a young person.


Regarding the dates for the youth waterfowl and youth deer hunting opportunities, it's a matter of not having enough weekends in the fall for all of the opportunities available.  The youth hunts must be on the weekends. We try to avoid conflicts with other hunts, Halloween, etc. but sometimes they are unavoidable. Regarding permits required, it would depend on the age of the youth and what they are hunting. Youth under 16 do not need to have permits for waterfowl or other small game. They do need permits for deer and turkey hunting.

Does a youth have to get a permit to hunt during this time? Also, do they need to purchase tags?

I was thinking the same thing. It shouldn't be like that. I guess our youth will have to choose which they would rather hunt.

My grandson likes to hunt deer and ducks and was wondering why the youth duck and deer hunts are scheduled on the same weekend. Scheduling them on the same weekend makes it difficult for him to have the opportunity to hunt both.

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