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Spring Turkey Hunting Booklets Now Available

Feb 18, 2011

The deer, quail, rabbit and squirrel seasons have ended. Many Missouri hunters are on a two-month hunting break until the opening of spring turkey season on April 18. If you are already itching to start planning your turkey hunting, the 2011 spring turkey booklets are now at pemit vendors statewide and on the Department’s website. The photo of the strutting gobbler on the cover is enough to raise a turkey hunter’s pulse rate.

booklet cover with strutting gobblerAs was begun last year, the booklet contains a table of all of the conservation areas statewide where turkey hunting is allowed. Any special considerations for an area, such as non-toxic shot requirements, archery only, or managed hunts only are indicated on the chart. Managed spring turkey hunts are listed along with instructions on how to apply. The application period for those hunts continues through the end of February.

Spring turkey permits will go on sale on March 1, and hunters will then be able to purchase and print their permits from home computers, using the new e-permits procedure. Permits can still be purchased at permit vendors statewide, beginning on March 1, as was done in the past. The required “Be Safe” stickers for your shotgun receiver are also available at permit vendors. This year’s permits will use a notching system of month and day of harvest in place of the old removable transportation tags. The Telecheck system continues as before with the requirement to obtain your Telecheck confirmation number by 10 p.m. on the day of harvest.

Spring may be a month away and turkey season even farther off but that doesn’t mean we can’t start dreaming and planning. Get a copy of the spring turkey booklet for periodic perusing. It might just get you through this late winter gap in the hunting seasons.


Rednecks-R-Us,As a Missouri landowner of five or more contiguous acres, you may fish or small-game hunt on your own property without a fishing permit or small-game hunting permit. It's no different for persons living in the Ozarks versus elsewhere in Missouri. You may not deer or turkey hunt without permit but there are no-cost deer and turkey permits available for landowners hunting on their own land. According to long-established law, landowners do not own the wildlife that live on their land. If there was no state jurisdiction for managing wildlife on private land, there would be little wildlife in Missouri for hunters on public or private land. That was the case before wildlife regulations were established in the late 1930s; almost no deer and turkey left in the state. 

I feel if you are an ozark landowner you shouldn't have to purchase any type hunting or fishing permits. we do own the land which includes any animal that happens upon it.

Landowner: We are not eliminating the Missouri permit vendors. Even though they won't be using the same technology in the future, you will still be able to purchase permits from vendors without paying the one dollar online fee.

Mr. Rowe: The spring turkey hunting booklet gives the application period as Jan. 10 - Feb. 28. It's on page 17, left column.

When can I sign up for a managed Turkey hunt? In the 2011 Spring Turkey handbook says you can sign up stating March 1st. Is signing up closed for this year already.

Where do we "go to any permit vendor and get your landowner permits at no cost." after they are phased out? “Our change to e-Permits will also reduce costs as we phase out software, hardware and special permit material used in the old Point-of-Sale permit system,” said MDC Director Bob Ziehmer. Can we go back to the outdated technology by going back to the shoe tag? Then it would be close to no cost. I can mail it to you for only 44 cents.

Landowner:The dollar does not go to MDC. It goes to the vendor that we pay to set up and maintain the software that allows online purchase and printing of permits. You do not have to pay the dollar. You can go to any permit vendor and get your landowner permits at no cost. It's your decision whether or not to pay the dollar for the added convenience or not.

They finally figured out a way to start charging land owners pay to hunt their own land. It Starts with a dollar this year. What??, I have to give you a dollar, to print on my paper, with my ink, to hunt on my land??

Anonymous: Non-resident hunters will need a Missouri Spring Nonresident Turkey Hunting Permit but they will not need any additional permits from their state of residence.

do i need a illinnois hunting license to hunt in missouri with that tag /license

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