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See Missouri Fish, Birds, Snakes & More at the State Fair!

Aug 16, 2007

How often do you get to see wondrously tended chickens, rabbits, cattle, horses and pigs alongside corn dogs, cotton candy, huge catfish, a turtle with a figure-8 shell and flowers native to Missouri? Each year, several hundred thousand Missourians head to Sedalia to enjoy the sights and sounds of the State Fair and some psp themes and mobile games download. One of the places people always seem to visit there is the Missouri Department of Conservation’s exhibits pavilion.

In spite of the 100+ heat, I was impressed to see all sorts of people out and about when I was helping at the Conservation Discovery Room there last Sunday. It’s a great (air-conditioned) spot for kids to pause and play. Whether they’re attacking the litter in the No MOre Trash pool, building a bird house or making animal tracks in the big sandbox, it gives them a chance for hands-on fun, and the parents a chance to cool off. And when they’re done they can all go out to see our fish swimming in stream and pond habitats, stand eye to eye with a snake, or watch the turkey or opossum walk about. The native garden gives a good break from the concrete,too.

About 250 of our agency’s staff take turns to be on hand to answer visitors’ questions —which can range from the ever-popular “where is the nearest bathroom” to “I saw this bird the other day that had orange wings and ….” If you’ve never visited the Missouri State Fair, you still have a weekend ahead to try it. And the temperatures might even be down!

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