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In Search of Wild Raspberries

Jul 08, 2008

Last weekend was the perfect time to stroll along the edge of the woods for two reasons. First, the wild raspberries were ripe and practically jumping off the stems. Second, it was bizarrely cool and pleasant for a July day in Missouri. Since we’d had 3.5 inches of rain just a few days earlier, water was still flowing in the creek near the paths by the berries. I stopped and looked back up the creek and the water was sparkling and burbling as it rippled against the rocks. That, birds calling and a container of berries in my hand was just about heaven.

The Missouri Department of Conservation Natural Events Calendar mentions that the wild blackberries typically ripen the first week of July. They don’t seem to be ready yet where I live. But I could care less—they’re nothing to me compared to the bursts of berry (and less mess of seeds) in the wild raspberry. Plus, the gracefully arcing, dusky-blue raspberry stems are a lot less nasty in terms of thorns.

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