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Permit Renewal Time

Feb 21, 2013

You may be carrying hunting and fishing permits in your wallet that will expire at the end of this month. This is your reminder to purchase the 2013 permits, so that you won’t miss any hunting and fishing opportunities this year. There are no price increases in the permits again this year.

The 2012 permits for small game hunting, fishing, trout fishing and the combination permit for hunting and fishing will expire at the end of February. The same expiration date applies to the White River Border Lakes Permit. If you purchased any of those permits after last December 1st, then you already have the 2013 permits that will not expire until the end of February of 2014.

Spring turkey hunters can now purchase the 2013 spring turkey hunting permit for hunting turkeys from April 15 through May 5. Young hunters (ages 6 – 15) can also turkey hunt during the spring youth season on April 6 – 7.

Permits can be obtained over-the-counter from permit vendors statewide. They can also be purchased online and printed on your own printer with our e-Permits System at A third option is to order them by telephone using the toll free number 800-392-4115. Fees of $1 and $2 apply respectively to the use of the e-Permits System and the telephone orders. Allow ten days for the delivery by mail of permits purchased by telephone.

If you visit a permit vendor, you’ll find the 2013 regulation summary booklets for hunting and trapping, fishing and spring turkey hunting. Other summary booklets (fall deer and turkey, migratory birds, waterfowl) will be available later in the year. All booklets are available at no charge. You can also find the currently available booklets digitally on our website at the following links: (fishing) (hunting and trapping) (spring turkey hunting)

We’ll have to endure this late winter snow and a few more weeks of cold but spring really will be here soon and I hope you can put those new permits to good use.


Director Ziehmer buying e-Permits

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