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Permit Renewal Time

Feb 21, 2012

If you’re an avid Missouri hunter or angler, you probably have permits in your wallet that will expire in the next week. Small-game hunting and fishing permits expire on the last day of February each year. You can renew them at a cost of $12 for resident fishing, $10 for resident small-game hunting or $19 for the combined Resident Hunting and Fishing Permit. Seniors age 65 or older and youth age 15 or younger are exempt from needing either of the permits.

permits being soldPermit vendors statewide can sell you the 2012 permits over the counter or you can purchase and print them from a home computer, using the e-Permit System. An additional $1 convenience fee applies to each credit card transaction through e-Permits.

Proceeds from permit sales comprise about 20 percent of the Department’s revenue each year. Those sales also help to boost Missouri’s share of revenue from the federal reimbursement of excise taxes collected on the sales of outdoor sporting goods. Each year, federal excise tax revenue is divided among the states, based on the size of each state and the number of persons in each state who purchased at least one fishing or hunting permit. Annual reimbursements to Missouri are in the range of $17 per hunter and $11 per angler. Thus your permit purchases allow access to more revenue for state conservation efforts than just what you pay directly. In effect, your money spent for any fishing and any hunting permit is leveraged for additional benefits for Missouri’s fish and wildlife. Federal funding has been critical over the years in our ability to purchase and manage conservation areas for public hunting and fishing.

Note that 2012 spring turkey hunting permits are also now available for purchase. The Youth Turkey Hunt is March 31 and April 1 and the regular spring season is April 16 through May 6. If you visit a permit vendor or an MDC office, you can also pick up the 2012 Missouri Wildlife Code and regulation summary booklets for spring turkey, hunting and trapping, and fishing.


Bob: The annual non-resident fishing permit is$42. We also have a daily fishing permit for $7 per day. The trout permit (for residents and non-residents) is $7. We don't use a trout stamp anymore.

how much is anglers license w/trout stamp for non-resident this year??

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