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Missouri Volunteer Opportunity: Stream Teams

Apr 22, 2009

Stream TeamThis year is the 20th anniversary of Missouri Stream Teams—volunteers dedicated to taking care of Missouri’s streams and rivers. About 60,000 Missourians around the state are pitching in to clean up litter, plant trees to stabilize soil, monitor water quality and educate others on our most important water resources.

Here are few comments from Stream Team members on what volunteering this way means to them:

“Sometimes I get frustrated and feel like it’s a lost cause, and then when I get the Stream Team newsletter or see an article in the Conservationist magazine I realize that people do care and that together we can make a difference. I can’t believe how the Stream Team idea has grown! The river has given me so many great memories; this is my way of paying it back.” Frank Freise, Stream Team #3

Does all this make a difference? It did to one student, who told the group’s leader he would have dropped out of school had it not been for Stream Team. “It doesn’t get any better than that.” Nancy Elliot, Stream Team #779/teacher Chillicothe Middle School

Stream Team“Until we attended the South Grand River Watershed meeting I had no idea there was a network of people working hard to protect the rivers and streams in this area. It is a nice feeling to know there are so many good contacts out there to help us out.” JoAnn Cooper

While the main support for the program is housed at the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Federation of Missouri also contribute to the effort. Throughout the year they offer several classes on getting to know what lives in a stream and how to check the quality of the water in a stream near you.

Stream TeamThere are more than 3,000 teams in the state, so you should be able join one near you. And if you’d rather do something on your own or with your family, you can create your own team, too!


Mr. Scholle: I responded to your same comment several weeks ago but perhaps you didn't see it. For volunteer opportunities, I recommend that you contact your nearest MDC regional office. For Stream Team information, visit their website at:

I am interested in volunteering to help the Missouri Conservationist. I recently talked with a young man in St. Charles, Mo. who test streams and river water P. H. and conductivity. I am a 63 yr old male and retired from Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical now known as Covidien. I worked as an instrumentation technician for over 30 years. My total employment was 43 yrs and 10 months. I have been schooled at Ranken Technical College St. Louis. Some of my responsibilities were installations, maintaining, trouble shooting, calibrations of automatic instrumentation devices that ran and controlled pharmaceutical processes. The F.D.A. monitored my work and sometimes called me to meetings when in my work place to check and ask questions about procurers and what I may have done on reports. Temperatures, P.H. conductivity, flows, levels, mixtures, were a few of the variables I worked with. Busch Wildlife and area streams would interest me. I live close to the Missouri River by Old Town St. Charles. The Katy Trail is within walking distance. I have hiked the Katy Trail and walked by the river where walking trails and biking trails are. I am open for other tasks that are needed. A second thought is employment. But I am not looking for 40 hour a week job. I am in shape and on no medications. I work out several times a week on a weight lifting machine. I ride my bike 10 miles several times a week weather permitting. Roughing it a little would not be a problem.

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