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Missouri Conservation Blog—A New Conversation

Aug 15, 2007

Writing from the heart when you’re speaking for a government agency may seem to a lot of people like an impossibility. In fact, some people have told me that my first few blog entries for the Missouri Department of Conservation seemed canned, formal…distant. I guess you’d have to say that this is a new kind of language. How does a state agency speak like a person? We should be able to do it. Because we’re not an “it,” we’re a lot of people who are working to make good things happen in our/your short lives.

The thing that most impressed me when I started working here 23 years ago was the generosity of spirit, the love of the outdoors, the desire to support a healthy natural world that was behind everything people did…and do. The challenge is that our state, any state, is made up of a lot of different people who care about many different things. And the more urbanized we become, the harder it is to keep any connection with nature, wildlife, the outdoors—the things we’re challenged to help.

Missouri is a great mix of urban/rural, agricultural/service/industrial living. How do we blend all our interests and concerns for income, recreation, relaxation and healthy places to live? That’s the real challenge. The people I work with believe that through honest and open discussion, and an understanding based on good research of what’s really happening with our animals and plants and people’s desires, that we can come up with decent and doable solutions.

This is a blog for a state agency that is supposed to help Missourians keep a quality of healthy animal and plant life solidly in the background of their daily lives. We’re often not the hot news. As I’ve heard people say, “If you’re doing something wrong, then we’d hear about you, but if you’re doing it right, you won’t make the news.” But there’s a lot going on in the quiet lives we lead. And I hope you’ll check back now and then to see if we have something to offer that’s of value to you.


I have to agree with Lopera. Great post, do add tremendous value to the community. Fish, forest, wildlife resources are critical to our community. I can't think of a better topic.

In my offered opnion that even though it was easy to see a coherent article I believe that there were still points to be expanded upon. I would like to hear your thoughts..and that of your other readers and whether or not they disagree. Sincerely, The Social Media Trainer

Its always imprtant not to lose our connection with nature

In my personal opnion that although it was plain to see a well-written article I have decided that there were still points to be expanded upon. I would like to hear your thoughts..and that of your other readers and whether or not they disagree. Cheers Cristi Marin

Great post, i belive blog posts like this add so much value to the community. Hey admin can I use some of the information from this post if I provide a link back to your site, pls? Catch ya later - Lopera 'Stephen Pierce' Fan

should I simply say what a relief to come across an individual who literally knows what they're speaking about on the internet. You certainly recognize exactly how to bring an issue to fore and make it very important. More individuals need to read this and grasp this side of the story. I cannot comprehend you are not more prominent given that you unmistakably possess the mental alertness.

Wow, regular everyday speak from a gov agency? Let this be a trend. Government's poor public reception is attributable in large part to the muzzling of it's individuality resulting in speech that is machine-like. Gov should take a page from the corp world and promote the talents of its individuals. Keep at it.

I used to live in Mountain Home, Arkansas and traveled to Missouri quite often. Both states have an abundant source of wildlife and great hunting. Although I didn't get the opportunity to hunt Missouri for Deer, I plan to return one day soon. Regards, Rick

I understand that state administrators have a tough time trying to satisfy all of the competing demands & desires of the citizens but I think the best course of action for any government department or agency is to default to a minimalist solution for any of the can always do more if it makes sense, but the point is that government focus on their core responsibilities and not get creative or elaborative. A smaller less intrusive government is almost always the answer.

From driving around I must say it seems the animals are suffering a lot more anxiety then they do during the cooler months.

"...the more urbanized we become, the harder it is to keep any connection with nature, wildlife, the outdoors—the things we’re challenged to help." Its so important not to lose our connection with the land. Thanks for your honesty.

Lorna, I do check here often for seasonal updates and stuff when ever Im about to visit some hunting buddies in MO. although I think there could be more on this site than what it offers.

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