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Looking Forward

Feb 26, 2010

Flowering treeThis winter is starting to wear on me. I know it’s three more weeks until the official start of spring but it feels like we’re not making much progress in that direction. The normal average temperatures for late February in mid-Missouri are lows in the lower 30s and highs in the upper 40s. Yesterday’s low was 12 and the high was 28. The longer day lengths are somewhat encouraging, when the sun is shining; but still it seems like old man winter has his arms and legs braced against the door frame and won’t be moved.

Here are some ideas for ways to minimize grumpiness and adjust our attitudes during these last weeks until spring arrives:

  • Look at the photos in this blog post.
  • Check your flowerbeds for daffodils or crocus stems that are starting to push through the soil.
  • Buy a fishing permit or a spring turkey permit and carry it in your wallet as if you’ll need it soon. Stare at the bright yellow paper as needed.
  • Notice the snow geese flying back north and assume that they know what they are doing.
  • Order seeds for your garden from suppliers or trees and shrubs for wildlife planting from our state nursery.
  • Notice the swelling flower buds on lilacs, silver and red maples and elms.
  • Clean out and repair your old birdhouses for this spring’s nesting or put up new ones.
  • Watch for killdeer returning from the south.
  • When visiting the mall, note that winter coats are at final markdown.

Cresent IrisI hope that some of these ideas will be helpful to you and me. Perhaps you have your own ideas of ways to banish the last days of winter.






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