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Invasive Species Alert: ZOMBIES!

Oct 25, 2011


Trick or Treat!
Here's a special Halloween “Flesh Afield” blog post:

Learn more about how to protect yourself from zombies while enjoying Missouri outdoor activities this fall.


I like to think that rural residents are smart enough to stay away from zombie food sources. The only thing lacking in rural areas is quantity, not quality! --Kevin@mdc

You know, the rural residents of this state might take offense to your insinuation that there is a general lack of brains in rural areas!

It should be noted that teenagers have a tendency to become zombies without experiencing death. It is important to keep them outside and well watered/fed to prevent this. On the other hand, because of their closeness to this invasive species, they have a deep understanding of zombie apocolype prevention, and are our only hope in preventing the spread of the undead.

Awesome! What a great article.

Avoid cauliflower fields? -So why the the D of C plant califlowers fields at my local Coms. area? They ain't turnips baby Meat processors and other areas of concentrated meat and brains also attract zombies. Tip: MDC offers programs and events, including how to process your own deer. If you encounter a large pack of zombies, escape ... I thought the rule was to make a lot of noise, appear larger, and throw rocks if necessary. Or, stomp your feet or roll in the dust.

It is trying to eat you. Best line ever! Clever and informative, now that's a treat....

I have to commend the folks who came up with this concept and the creative geniuses who wrote it. We've been passing it around our agency and getting a good laugh. What a brilliant way to get important messages across to the public in a humorous manner. They say laughing brains are more absorbant. Mmmmmm....brains. :)

Thanks for that great humor to brighten my day!!! I enjoyed and laughed out loud reading that!

Thank you for this timely information, today is our office Halloween party and it seems as though a gang of zombies have invaded our office.

thanks for the trick so where is my treat

Seriously?????? My conservation tax goes for this?

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