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Hints of Things to Come

Jan 31, 2011

Watching a leaden sky lowering on Missouri with a heavy load of snow reminds me of last week’s trip to Kentucky. Videographer Kevin Muenks, Wildlife Photographer Noppadol Paothong and I drove up into the Appalachian Mountains to document the veterinary workup of 46 cows, calves and young bull elk destined for Missouri’s elk restoration program. A storm system like the current one, though quite a bit smaller, chased us back to Missouri, but not before we got a glimpse of winter on the Cumberland Plateau. Watching the breath of “our elk” solidify in the chill mountain air provided a hint of what Missourians will get to witness in a short time.

Then someone sent me a link to a video of bull elk bugling and sparring in Yellowstone National Park (listed in the "External Resources" box below this post). I couldn’t resist. Maybe you can’t either.

Just imagine witnessing a spectacle like this in the Ozarks. It’s coming.

If you want to know more about the elk-restoration program, visit our updates page.


I feel bad for those of you that think you will get to hunt these elk. If you don't believe me apply for quick draw in waterfowl areas and see if you get to hunt. Last year that averaged right around 1% and under. MDC why don't you spend money on projects you have already promised. Can't wait to see how bad you can mess up an elk drawing which includes out of state hunters when you can't even give people a good chance at hunting waterfowl. VERY disappointed in the way you work anymore.

Thank you for all your efforts to reintroduce elk to Missouri. Please keep up the posts and when you can let folks know where they can hope to see some in the wild.

Magnificent creatures. I hope part of the releases will be done in NW Missouri, eventually. They would be a great addition to the myriad of conservation areas around here. The photo is fantastic. Mr. Dougherty should be commended.

if elk restoration is sucessful will missourians be able to hunt elk?

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