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Good Time to Count Quail

Oct 19, 2007

There’s something downright appealing about quail. Whether you like to listen to them calling, watching them zip/walk across an open spot or hunting them with your trusty dogs, I can’t imagine anyone not wishing for quail in their lives. I was going to do this blog so asked my mother-in-law (and country neighbor) what she bobwhitethought of them. “They’re happy birds to have around. We need more of them.”

That pretty much sums up why so many people are trying to help their numbers increase. Whether you hunt quail or just enjoy knowing they’re there, the last few months of October are great for doing a count of their numbers. Why would you want do that? Well, for several decades, quail have been on the decline across their natural habitat in the southeastern part of the United States—mainly because the types of places they live in have been decreasing.

If you’re lucky enough to own some land, there are specific things you can do that will increase their presence. In the meantime, during these last weeks of October, if you’re an early bird yourself you might enjoy doing your own quail covey count to see how they’re doing near you.

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