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Gift of Lifetime of Hunting and Fishing

May 27, 2008

I was joking with Warren Rose (Missouri Conservation Department’s Outreach and Education regional supervisor based in Springfield) about whether he had gotten a postcard reminding him to buy his fishing license. He said, “Well, no, I didn’t because I have a Lifetime Permit.” He smiled hugely, clearly pleased with himself.

Warren“Wow,” I said, “That’s impressive.” (I meant it, too, because he is really relatively young and I know that was an investment.)

“In fact, I just bought it for my birthday with birthday and Christmas money I saved up.”

“Why did you buy it?” I asked.

“I always wanted one and figured it was a good buy for the money. I could lock in the prices. And if I ever moved out-of-state I could come back and hunt with my dad with it. I bought my first permit when I was 8 or 9, so I’ve bought them for 30 years, and I figured now I’ll have one to last the next 30 years.”

Seems like a great gift for a milestone birthday. One thing Warren and I didn’t discuss—something that I think many hunting and fishing permit buyers don’t realize—is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving to conservation, too. Every year someone buys hunting and/or fishing permits, they’re counted once in each category—then our state gets a related percentage of dollars from the federal government to do more for fish and wildlife. Actually, even if someone doesn’t end up using a hunting or fishing permit they bought, our state gets federal dollars because they’re part of the hunter/angler count. Warren’s lifetime permit means he’ll be counted in both categories for years to come. What a great gift in so many ways. Clearly, Warren thinks so.


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