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Fall Permits Now for Sale

Jul 01, 2010

Today is the first day that you can purchase several permits for hunting in Missouri this coming fall and winter. I like to buy mine while I’m thinking about it, and July 1 is a date that I can remember each year. As of today, you can purchase the 2010 Migratory Bird Hunting Permit that you’ll need for hunting doves, woodcock, snipe, rails and waterfowl. You’ll need the Small Game Hunting Permit as well for hunting migratory birds. You may already have that permit, as they have been available for sale since last Dec. 1. The earliest of the migratory bird seasons (doves, snipe and rails) will open on Sept. 1. The Migratory Bird Hunting Digest 2010 booklet should be at permit vendors in early August and is provided at no cost to Missouri hunters.

Also available, beginning today, are fall deer and turkey permits. Permit vendors can also provide you with the 2010 Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet . This 45-page, free booklet provides a wealth of information for deer and fall turkey hunting in Missouri. It contains all of the season dates, available permits, regulations and Department areas where deer and fall turkey hunting is allowed.

Permits may also be purchased by phone (1-800-392-4115) or online ( for an additional $2 per person fee. Permits purchased by those methods will arrive by mail within 10 days.

It is early to begin thinking about fall hunting but, by getting your permits early, you can avoid any last-minute lines that you may find at vendors on the days before the season openings. This is your reminder!


I am 100% disabled vet. I have trouble navigating thru your site not because of my disabilities but because it is not user friendly. I can't find registration requirements for my son who is 10 y/o. Everytime I type in a search I get tons of articles. I am just looking for what permit he needs for what. Can you help make this more user friendly by ommiting certain areas and grouping together others. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Mr. McNeal: I am sorry that you are having trouble with our website. It's not clear to me what you mean by "registration requirements" for your son. If you call any of our regional offices or our central office (573/751-4115), our staff will be glad to discuss what permits your son may need for whatever fishing or hunting he wishes to do.

Nelson,The deer permits have been available for online purchasing since July 1. It could be that we don't have your hunter-ed certification in our database. I recommend that you contact our permits section during working hours at 573/522-4115 ext. 3553.

Why is it when I try to purchase my firearms deer permit online its not showing it to be available?

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