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A Book of Bugs

Aug 24, 2007

I was showing my 84-year-old mother-in-law, Joan, the incredible book, “Show-Me Bugs,” that the Missouri Department of Conservation produced. It’s “an uncommonly colorful guide to 50 cool bugs in Missouri.”

If I had a broader audience handy, I’d have asked a 6-year-old what they think of it. I suspect they would agree that it is cool, or whatever words equivalent to that a 6-year-old would use. In any case, here’s the book review/interview we had as she looked through the book:

Joan: This is a really fun book.

Lorna: It doesn’t give you the creeps?

Joan: No, you can’t afford that if you live in the country.

Lorna: Why is it fun?

Joan: It simplifies things. Hmmmm. (She is paging through it.) How big are these?

Lorna: You can look at this ruler scale on the page opposite the bug images to get an idea of their size.

Joan: These are really small bugs! (Some are bigger, but she hasn’t flipped to those pages yet.)

Joan: What a dull life!

Lorna: What do you mean?

Joan: It says the crane fly adults eat nothing, living only to mate and lay eggs…

This is a great little book written by entomologist Mike Reinke. The amazingly appealing illustrations are by Steve Buchanan who has also done art for books, U.S. postage stamps, magazines and more. As the back cover says, “it’s perfect for kids, families, teachers and gardeners.” If you’re at all interested in the life around you, this is a fun book for just about anyone. Joan would agree.

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