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Work in Progress: Ditch Clearing, Cato Structure

Dec 18, 2009

The vegetation clearing along the ditches is about 65 percent complete. The picture below shows a section of the clearing work along Pool 1 looking south. This work will help MDC ensure the integrity of the levee and allow us to maintain it in the future. This is vital for the pool and its rich fishery.

Additionally, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project at the Cato Structure is moving forward. The levee has been breached, and the old pipe has been removed. The old structure is standing all by itself, as the dirt has been pushed away. This structure will be replaced in the coming months. For more information about these activities please look at former posts about the scope of work.

I just wanted to post a quick update on how the things were going. Happy holidays.

image of ditch

Click to view larger .pdf version.

image of water control structure

Click to view larger .pdf version.

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