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Work in Progress: Cato Structure

Jul 20, 2010

I know it has been a while since we’ve given an update on any construction work. Truth be told, I was hoping to come to you with a little more progress at this point in time. Our last post on the Cato Structure was in April, as it looked like progress was really going to move forward into the summer. Over the last few months a couple of unforeseen setbacks have hampered the construction of the Cato Structure as well as the delivery of parts to the site.

However, during the first two weeks of July it looks like operations may be back on track. As you can see from the pictures below, forms were set and concrete was poured last week. The thimble for the gate structure is set, and the steel on each end of the structure is in place. The pipe is slated to go in next week. Representatives from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stated that things should continue to move forward once the pipe is in place. Hopefully, this work will wrap up in the next couple of months.

Although this project has taken longer than expected, the replacement of the structure was greatly needed. The old one had rotted out and was no longer operational. The new structure is the first piece of the 7-mile water delivery system that allows Duck Creek to get water from the Castor River during high-flow events.

Additional work is being coordinated with Little River Drainage District and Missouri Department of Transportation to assist us in cleaning out the ditch and replacing the Highway C structure, which is also in poor condition. This is very necessary, as some stretches of the ditch have not been tended to since they were dug 60-plus years ago. Siltation and the effects of time and water have compromised the functionality of the water delivery system. Our work will replace the defunct structures and allow the water delivery system between Cato Levee and Pool 1 to function more efficiently in the future.

I think we would all agree that sometimes we would prefer things to move faster than they actually do. However, progress is progress and I’d rather be where we are today then where we were a year ago. Thank you for your patience and interest as the renovation work moves forward.

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