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Work in Progress: Bridges and Structures

Jun 18, 2010

image of bridge plans

Click to view larger .pdf version.

We also all know that any dealings with the government (i.e. doing your taxes, going to the DMV) will also require a large amount of "red tape" to cut through! So combine these two things and you can imagine the mountain of paperwork that has to be completed to get a government-run construction project rolling. This is the case with the biggest construction project to date on the Duck Creek Golden Anniversary Renovation! The good news is that we are almost there! Bids for the spillway, bridge and structure project are being taken until June 29, 2010. After the bids are in, the awarded bid will need to be approved by our Conservation Commission at their next meeting on July 15-16 at Cape Girardeau. Once the bid is approved, construction can begin and the dust can start flying!

This project will focus on more infrastructure of the area and will also allow us to improve some drainage across Pool 3 and in Ditch 111. One of the primary jobs in the project is the removal of the structure that sits at the end of Ditch 111 and replaces it with a larger, better designed structure. This new structure is more open and should allow water to pass through it more efficiently. See Obermeyer Hydro  for more info on the type of gate we will be installing.

image of poole 3

Click to view larger .pdf version.

In Pool 3, a new spillway with a water-control structure will be installed on the east side of the unit. This will replace the current structure and allow for more water to enter and exit the unit during high-flow events. On the west side of the unit, a new spillway will be added to improve the sheetflow of water across this pool during flood events. This new spillway will be placed in the lowest exit point for the pool, allowing us to drain the pool more efficiently in the spring to get water off the trees as quickly as possible.

The third part of this project will be the replacement of the bridge between Pool 1 and Pool 2. This is just a simple replacement of an old bridge that has done its job with a new one that will be a little wider and capable of holding more weight. The new bridge will be placed right next to the old, and for the most part the old bridge will remain open to traffic during most of the construction. As with any construction, there will be days when access may be limited on the area, but we are hopeful that Pool 1 will remain open for much of the rest of the fishing season.

If all goes as planned, this construction project should start in August and be completed prior to duck season. Several smaller projects will also be going on this summer, including Little River Drainage District's ditch dipping of Ditch 1 and the remaining portions of Ditch 111. At the conclusion of these two projects we hope to bid out a roadwork project that will improve the access roads around the pools and widen some roads to allow two-way traffic. The Cato Structure project should also be finishing up this summer. And finally, we have coordinated with MoDOT to replace the culvert under Highway C that has collapsed.

It's panning out to be a wild summer at Duck Creek. In the meantime we are putting some final touches on the Unit A and Unit B Wetland Restoration plans and hope to be revealing them sometime later this year. They will be designed by wetland engineers, and if all goes as planned next summer we'll be putting new habitat on the ground.

Thanks for your patience and interest in the Duck Creek Golden Anniversary Project!

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