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Waterfowl Hunting Update

Oct 28, 2011

Duck Creek will offer 28 flooded positions to choose from on opening weekend. These positions are:

Pool 1 - L3 & L4 (available Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 1:00 pm close)

Pool 2 - A1, B1, D1, E1 thru E-4, F-1, G-1, H1 thru H4, I1, J1, K1 & K2 (sunset close)

Pool 3 - AA3, BB4, X4, Y2 (sunset close)

Pool 3 will be gradually flooded to full pool elevation by mid-November, and the remaining hunting positions will be added as they become available.

Pool 8 - The water control gates will be closed the first week of November and it will depend on rainfall from that point to fill this pool. Depending on flooded acreage, between five and 40 individual hunters will be allowed. (1 p.m. close)

Dark Cypress Swamp - 2 positions (available Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 1 p.m. close) More positions will become available as these pools fill from rainfall and/or flood from the Headwaters Diversion Channel.

New Pools - Fishponds WRP, Kinder, Field 1 (1 p.m. close)

The WRP pool is 1/2 mile south of the HQ adjacent to highway 51. You can see the drained fishponds from the highway, but there are approximately 30 flooded acres of mixed habitat behind them. The Kinder pool is an old, flat-graded rice field and lies directly east of Field 1 behind the houses near the juntion of highway K and 51. It has approximately 20 acres of shallow flooded water. Both of these land parcels were purchased by Ducks Unlimited and donated to Duck Creek to enhance the future development of this area. Approximately 8 acres of Field 1 were able to be flooded with a temporary levee and by borrowing water from the Kinder pool.

No reservations were issued for Duck Creek this year. The number of reservation positions is required to be submitted to the system by August and at this time the amount of water in Pool 1 reservoir could not be forecast for November. Water from Pool 1 is the only reliable source available to flood pools 2 and 3 and it is rapidly lost through evapotranspiration between these months. It is not uncommon to lose a foot of water in a month when conditions are hot, dry and rain-free. Fortunately, the relentless summer heat finally let up a bit, and we received several rains which allows enough water in Pool 1 to flood the other pools. If this were not the situation and we remained in droughty conditions (as the western portion of our state are currently experiencing) we could have very easily had no positions to hunt until conditions changed (remember last year?). Issuing reservations months in advance at Duck Creek is always a gamble but we usually have some guaranteed flooded positions to fall back on in units A and B. These positions are not available this year due to the renovation construction in this area.

The new structures have worked well in the offseason and have helped us move down the road with the renovation. We’re glad we can increase the number of positions compared to last year and also throw a couple new spots into the mix. Things are getting set for the season opener and we’re looking forward to the upcoming season. We hope you are too.


Duck Creek CA pool
Flooding Pool 2


Flooded pool at Duck Creek CA
H3 Blind Opening


it is a shame that joe hunter, joe tax payer, and joe american, cant just go duck hunting. I guess if you want a quality hunt, you will have to use a guid service. That is so sad!!!!!!!

I have to agree with anonymousbill; the QD system is horrible and gets seriously exploited with guys putting in their wives, moms and grandmothers. I've seen 2 different women in their 70's at Slough and I'd bet good money they didn't stay and hunt. They were there with some 20something boys and I'll bet Grandma went back home and made breakfast after the blind got drawn. If you really want to hunt ducks, you should have to show up and wait in the poorman's line. Everyone who doesn't like the QD needs to reply on the QD comment section. I'm sure the guys at Duck Creek have less say in it than we do.

Ryan Goddard - I can't wait to manage these improvements; its been a long time coming.  There is already some water in the scoured sloughs and low lying pools and there will be sheetwater showing across the land.  I am sure this will attract some waterfowl and if possible we will allow parties access to hunt it.  We need to work out the details with the contractors, but if they are gone and we can get people in there, we will allow some hunting.

well hope you dont go to a QD like the other areas next year as it seems we the hunter and tax payer or not getting to get out as before with just poorboy line and reservation on land our taxes pay for and maintains,seems mdc wants to hold ducks not kill or just wants to rid itself from duck parks,many letters will follow all year long to jeff city and any missouri congressman who will listen to us,QD has ruined alot of hunting for alot of folks who has had to depend on duck parks to hunt,PRETTY SAD

The Fish ponds and rice field will each have one position available.  We will also likely have a position available in Field 1 west of the rice field.

how many positions will be at the fish ponds and the rice field. Thank you

Excited for next weekend! Going opening day. Hopefully we draw out!

Hello Keith, Dennis, everyone. You guys are doing a great job. I cannot wait to see the improvements to units a and b. My son will still see some amazing hunting in the years to come because of it. I do have a question- if and when some good rain comes, their will be sheet water in unit a and b. If their is, the ducks will find it. If it is to wet to work can you let some parties hunt that water while it is their?

Excellent work by your staff. The best overall attitudes and personalities of any area in Southeast Missouri.

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