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Third Week In October: Work in Progress and Duck Report

Oct 19, 2010

The last two weeks have been quite productive from a construction standpoint, but the reason for so much of this time and effort showed up this week...DUCKS! With the addition of water into Unit A the ducks have once again arrived in fair numbers and are utilizing the freshly flooded areas. The birds using the are are mostly early migrants like blue-winged and green-winged teal, pintail and shoveler, and it is no surprise to see them here. However, it is always good to see the first birds using the area, and it makes me eager to get the season started. Flooding of Unit A is coming along quite nicely, and barring any setbacks it appears that we'll have nearly all of the Unit available for the start of Duck Season. For the youth season we hope to have six to eight huntable positions available in Unit A.

Speaking of the youth season or anyone else who expects to visit Duck Creek coming from Advance on HWY C over the next week or two, you need to be aware of a road closure. MODOT will be closing HWY C on Wednesday, Oct. 20. Anyone headed toward Duck Creek or Mingo via Hwy C will need to take an alternate route. V Hwy near Sturdivant is also closed due to a bridge replacement. Nearest detour would be south on CR 628 to CR 622 or 624 and then west to get back to Hwy 51. This is a project that is helping Duck Creek, as they are replacing the culvert under Hwy C that allows our water out of the Castor River to flow down to Pool 1. This project is due to be completed by Nov. 5, so it should not be a factor by the time the regular duck season starts.

As far as construction goes, we are still making excellent progress on all the structures. The spans across the tops of all three structures are in place and dirt work to build up the roads that go over them is in progress. If the weather holds and everything goes as planned all of this work should be done by duck season as well!

We've lucked out thus far with the weather, but it has come at a cost, as Pool 1 remains very low and at this point we will not be flooding Pool 2 until we get some rain to replenish our water supply. Remember, it will take several major rain events to start this process. It is our intentions to do everything we can to get water into as many units as possible, but we need Mother Nature's help in doing this. Thanks for everyones patience and comments. To all our youth and their mentors out there who plan to take part in the youth waterfowl season, good luck and be safe!

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