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Spring Activity on Duck Creek

Mar 21, 2011

It is officially spring, and you can definitely tell if you have been out to Duck Creek recently. Teal are buzzing past the willows. Northern shovelers are sifting through the shallow water. Snipe are exploding off the mudflats. Hooded mergansers and wood ducks are hiding in the timber and incubating eggs. Leopard frogs are creating a thunderous chorus.  It is a great time to be out and about.

It is this time of year that folks get out and fish Pool 1. If this applies to you, you might see some other things happening as well. Little River Drainage District is dredging Ditch 1 on the west side of Pool 1. We’ve had to temporarily close the road on the west side of Pool 1. With the nice weather we’re experiencing, they should be able to move right along. Once they are out of the way, we’ll open the road again.

In another week or so you’ll also be seeing activity on the east side of Pool 1. Ditch 105, which runs north and south between Pool 1 and Pool 2, will be cleaned out following Ditch 1. We will be removing the remaining vegetation along Pool 2 so that Little River can access the ditch on the east side. During this time we will try to reduce interference with access to Pool 1 so that folks can still use the area during this popular time of the year.

Although the ditch work isn’t pretty, it is necessary. Moving water on and off the landscape is important whether you are a farmer, a biologist or a visitor at Duck Creek. Having control of the water allows us to use the land for a variety of purposes. In the past year Little River Drainage District has worked on the drainage network on and around Duck Creek. The work on Ditch 1 and 105 will bring this part of the renovation closer to being finished.

Thank you for your patience as we continue with the renovation work. I hope you will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather and all of the wildlife activity that spring inspires on Duck Creek and the surrounding areas.

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