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Quick Draw Update

Apr 07, 2010

Since the last press release in February there has been continued work on the proposed system. We now have a Quick Draw Web page with answers to frequently asked questions.

Also at this new Web page, based upon your input from this blog, we have set up an electronic means for you to tell us what you think. Click on comments about the Quick Draw! system to bring up the comment page.

For your sake and ours I would encourage you to make constructive comments. Although a simple post saying you are for or against the system is fine and up to you, it doesn’t get at the “why” or “how” we can meet the public’s needs or wants in the future. I would suggest thinking about the following questions when submitting a comment:

  1. How do you see this benefiting Missouri waterfowl hunting and the ability for you to hunt on public ground next year?
  2. What are some of the challenges or obstacles that this system may present during the first experimental season?
  3. What would resolve the above stated challenge and make the Quick Draw system better or more functional?

Thank you for your interest and passion in waterfowl hunting. I think we would all agree that finding a way to maintain and continue this important tradition and sport for years to come is the ultimate goal.

One final reminder, the Quick Draw system will NOT be implemented at Duck Creek during the next duck season, but this information is posted here as it might be of interest to our readers.


Hello Just wanted to make sure I am reading the results correctly that there is less than 2-3% chance that I would be selected to hunt? I like the idea in theory but it look likes I won't ever get to enjoy these areas. I think it hurts the local guy like myself who is willing to get up and drive and take my chances. I guess I can still do this but aren't my odds much less now on getting to hunt and getting a good spot? Maybe not....maybe less people are showing for poor line. It would be good to know what my chances are approx of drawing in the poor line on average so far? Perhaps too early for you guys to tell. Also....if I have 3 friends and they apply for the same day(s) I do, can I join their party if they get selected and I don't? If you get selected do you know what pill you have? Thanks. I appreciate what you guys do. I know it is a rough job and you can't please everyone. If you get a chance can you please try to answer my questions. Thanks Steve

On opening day the odds of getting in were 1 in 1400. IF YOU WANNA HUNT GET OFF THE FRONT PORCH.

It seems to me that the quick draw system is mainly going to benefit the hunters in the area local to the conservation area. Since they live close they will be able to put in for these areas, and possibly get drawn several times a year, while others in the state may not get a reservation at all. But it seems over the past few years and this year too that the state of missouri wants to discriminate against certain people. By this i mean their Every member draws program discriminates against the smaller groups of hunter(so if you dont have four you dont have as good a chance to hunt) and this year by eliminating phone in reservations so people who dont have access to internet (poor people) dont get a reservation at all. They still like to get the money from those people for their hunting liscense. Perhaps they should give away hunting liscense and let the people who get reservations and the EMD people to make difference

This system is a great idea that could be made even better by returning the poor line for the remaining 20% of the parties to a one pill per party draw. This would speed up the drawing and give true equal access to those who are in the poor line(father/son or a young dog's first hunt) and would allow the MDC to follow it's fair access mission statement. A dog's first hunt/s should not include 12 shot volleys by four hunters. Quick Draw gives one pill per applicant for 80% of the positions. Either way it still is an improvement to the past system for these popular areas. I realize that there are still areas that have the one pill per party but there are less of them than ever and require substantially more driving for me.

I believe the only benefit avid waterfowl hunters like myself will get from this draw will be saving fuel if unsuccessful in the draw. I myself can not afford a $6,000.00 lease for hunting,therefore i am restricted to hunting public ground. I have a lot of time and money invested in Waterfowling,and the way my luck has been going on getting a reservation on the current system it's not looking like i will get much of a chance to hunt my favorite area. To many hunters, not enough hunting areas. I would like to see everything go back to the 1 pill draw. that would make it fair for everyone.

Bandtaker1 would like to know how and why 80% of the available waterfowl positions are being given to the reservation holders? 50% was still to many. That puts more hunting pressure on the other non quick draw hunting areas. I am against any quick draw system. I am against the EMD every member draw system. I frequently choose to hunt alone. That puts me at a severe disadvantage at EMD hunting areas.

Given the current economic downturn it seems like a great idea to be able to know whether or not you will be guaranteed a place to hunt before burning up gas and vacation days. Not to mention all the missed sleep to just have to turn around and go back home if you don't get to draw a blind that morning.

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