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Pool 1 still accessible over the 4th: Re-routing Traffic

Jun 30, 2011

If you’re traveling over this holiday weekend and are heading towards Duck Creek with intentions to fish Pool 1 and enjoy the area, we’d love to have you. We are in the middle of some construction work on the bridge that crosses from Pool 2 to Pool 1 and are currently re-routing traffic around the main entrance road.

The area is still open and you can still get to Pool 1 through 2 different options.

• From the Duck Creek Office go south 2.7 miles towards Kinder. Round the curve and after the bridge that crosses Ditch 105 we have an entrance road that goes into Pool 3. We have a small yellow sign with an arrow towards Pool 1 to designate this road. Travel north along the east side of Pool 3 and you will find yourself at the southern end of Pool 1. This is the shortest route from the office.

• Another option is to go north on Highway 51 from Duck Creek Office and take Highway P west at Arab. After 2.5 miles turn left onto Highway Z. Drive 0.8 miles farther and we have another entrance road that will be marked with a sign and arrow on the left side. This will take you south to Unit A. Turn left and drive around the north and east side of Unit A to get to west side of Pool 1.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and patience with the renovation work on the area. We hope you have a safe holiday weekend and can get out enjoy the great outdoors.


What you are referring to is Clipper, which has just been approved by the EPA.  We’ve got our hands on some, but it is too late to use this year.  We plan on testing it out next year.

What happen to the newly discovered weed killer that Florida discovered and you were supposed to get some to keep the lanes and perimeter canal open at DC2

Thank you for your quick reply Frank in regards to my "vegitation" question. I look forward to your postings. My father and I had many, many great memories made at Duck Creek. Something I miss, or someone I miss, is Ike Smith who used to work the boat dock. As a child I would be allowed to spend an occassional day with Ike and listen to his stories. While my wife and I were there this weekend I relayed that Duck Creek used to be busy enough to have a full time attendant at the dock. He used to chart keeper fish over 5lbs and I believe if you ever found those lists our names are proudly listed on there several times. Thank you again, Ken S.

Sounds like you’ve got quite the history with the area and some fond memories.  That is great.  Also, thank you for the question.  Actually, it is kind of funny that you ask about Pool 1.  Over the last couple weeks we’ve talked about doing a blog post on the vegetation in Pool 1 because, as you mentioned, we have been doing some spraying over the last few weeks.  Since it a topic of interest and a common question, I’ll publish something in the next week or so focusing on the subject.   

I have a question about the condition of the main lake. I have fished Duck Creek since a child in the early 60's. It has provided wonderful memories and we still return as often as possible. I remember as a child that the north end of Duck Creek was almoste unfishable during the summer due to the thickness of the lily pads. The rest of the lake had what Dad called coontail moss but was fishable. Each year it seems like the southern end of the lake is getting harder to fish due to the pads. We fished a lot at Duck Creek in April of this year and finally returned this past weekend. What a shock! The entire southwest corner is unfishable. What can be done about the pads or will they be allowed to overtake this portion of the lake too? I noticed that some areas have been sprayed but they continue to get worse each year. thank you

I know it may be a bit early for a prediction but does the staff at Duck Creek beleive the lake is charged enough to flood pools 2 and 3 for the fall waterfowl season? And is the lake Pool 1 going to be the only area available for Teal Season?

Thanks for the questions.  Your first question about installing wells in Pool 2 has come up before.  This is not part of the plan.  Water stored in Pool 1 will continue to flood Pools 2 and 3.  Our new water control structure in Ditch 111 allows us to capture water more efficiently so recharging the lake during a rain event is substantially easier than it has been the past.  In response to your second question, Unit A will be closed to hunting this fall.  Last Friday the Commission gave their approval for the contract work in Unit A and B.  Once the paperwork is finalized the dirt work will begin.  Hopefully, the contractors will be able to get in there and knock out most of the project this summer and early fall.  Over the next few weeks I plan on posting several other activities that are going on at Duck Creek as well.  Thanks again for your interest in Duck Creek. 

I was just wanting to find out if duck creek is going to drill wells on pool 2 for this duck season, i have heard this from multiple people and just wanted the truth. And is unit a still going to be closed this year.

I like many others appreciate all your difficult efforts to bebuild and update Duck Creek- I've been fishing it since about 1957 or 8 -and I like it for what it is and has to offer - I live on the Current River and Duck Creek ranks right up there with me - It's a totally different resource and with a lot of history connected to it --- Keep up the good work Cordell Smith -

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