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Fall 2011 Renovation Update

Oct 21, 2011

I realize folks will be checking in as we get closer to waterfowl season. I thought I'd try something new in attempt to bring everyone up to speed.

Personally, I understand things better if I can see it. I have posted to YouTube four short presentations illustrating what we've done at Duck Creek up to this point. Scroll below the "Reply Box" and click on the titles under "External Links" to watch these videos.

Thanks again for your interest in Duck Creek and good luck this waterfowl season.


Thanks for the feedback and question.  I’d love to be able to answer your question directly about the number of positions that will be available pre and post renovation.  Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. The work in Units A and B will allow us to more reliably flood about 290 additional acres and reduce the necessity of flooding 90 acres too deep. As you saw in the videos, this is being done with the reconfiguration of the levees and 2 new wells.  Some of the newly flooded ground has been available in the morning draw for years as the hunting spots in the old goose fields (37, 41, 32, 43, and 54). Because of the renovation work this ground will now be flooded.  Looking at the difference between total number of parties pre and post construction won’t tell the true gains.  Additionally, the final number of positions might change a little bit as we flood it up and see how the new design works.  We’ll definitely be adding a few new positions, but at I can’t give you a simple number at this time.  Hopefully, this helps explain why. Thanks again for the input and question.  Good luck this season.

The you tube videos were a great way to explain the renovation work over the last few years. Although the work has limited the waterfowl season, the overall product will benefit generations to come. The work will be more and more appreciated as Duck Creek becomes one of the premier public hunting locations in the state. Thank all of you that have worked tirelessly over the last few years. KUDOS ! Question? How many maximum parties were allowed to hunt daily prior to the construction, and what are the goals in the future?

whats the number of spots for opening day????

Thanks for posting this info, this was my first look at the new Unit A . Hopefully this will make it easier getting in the fields to plant crops. Maybe this will provide more hunting spots to accommodate the overflow of hunters.

I think this is what has been needed for a long time. Great job!!!

Hey Guys! I think this is awesome! Great job!

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