Early Canada Goose Season

Published on: Sep. 29, 2010

Early Canada goose hunting is allowed at Duck Creek following statewide regulations. Procedures will be basically the same as teal season. There will be a draw for positions in Units A and Unit B on Saturday, Oct. 2 and Sunday, Oct. 3. Draw time will be 4:45. After the opening weekend these positions will be self-check at the parking area off Hwy Z at the north end of Unit A. The north end of Pool 1 will be open to self-check at the headquarters and this area will not be included in the draw. It will be a first-come first-served basis. Hunting is not allowed from any road or levee. Vehicle access is limited to the east side of Pool 1. The west side of Pool 1 can be accessed up to the last footbridge across Ditch 1

The work on the Ditch 111 structure is progressing and construction is taking place on the Pool 3 structures. Work in Unit A is almost complete, and the wells will be turned on no later than Friday. There is some water in 48S and 19, but all other positions are dry.

Dark Cypress Swamp Unit will be self-check for the entire season.

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