Current and Upcoming Construction Activity: Aug. 12, 2010

Published on: Aug. 12, 2010

motivated as they realize that the ditch will not always be as low as it is today.

Pool 3 Spillways
On the east side of Pool 3 there is an existing spillway that provides flood relief for Kinder when Ditch 105 gets up. Pool 3 takes on water during these events and functions as flood water storage. In previous posts we’ve told you that timing and duration of flooding in bottomland hardwood forests are important to the health and recruitment of the timber and its associated resources. Additionally, we’ve highlighted the importance of understanding how topography influences flooding. With the current water control structures it takes quite a while to drain Pool 3. To take care of the timber for the future, it is just as important to be able to get the water off of the trees as it is to get the water on them.

We will be replacing the existing spillway on the east side of Pool 3 and adding an additional one on the west side. We used the topography from the lidar dataset and flow analysis to identify the drainage pattern to strategically place this second spillway. In the future when Ditch 105 gets up, we will be able to pulse water through the timber and let water drain from the trees into Ditch 1 in a much more efficient manner. This will do several things for us. First, it will maintain our flood relief capacity for those in the Kinder area. Secondly, it will allow us to still manage the water for waterfowl hunting in Pool 3. Thirdly, it will benefit the forest health by allowing us to reduce the negative effects of extended flooding during the growing season.

What are the immediate implications for Duck Creek? Once the contractors finish with the Ditch 1/111 structure, they will move on to the Pool 3 spillways. The work will limit the amount of flooding, and therefore waterfowl hunting, that will be allowed in Pool 3 during construction.

In Summary
We’ve got several projects moving forward. Granted, not everything has moved a quickly as we had hoped, but that is reality. However, the work that we are doing will help deliver water, maintain our drainage network in the future and provide flood relief to our neighbors. Having this foundation is important to Duck Creek and the future of its users. Thank you again for being patient and interested. We'll continue to keep you informed of what is going on the area and try to address your questions and concerns.


On September 3rd, 2010 at 3:26am Anonymous said:

With all this construction and loss of hunting opportunity at duck creek I sure hope I can still get to hunt on the weekends when Im off. Im concerned that with the additional people drawing at Otter Slough and all the construction at Duck Creek that it will be really hard for me to get drawn out this year. Maybe I should quit hunting all together since you seem to only be making it harder and harder for me (the guy that cant afford a lease to go to as a backup plan) to get to hunt.
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