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Continued Work in Progress: Ditch 111/1 Structure

Sep 16, 2010
The construction of the water control structure continues to move forward. The scattered rain that has fallen at Duck Creek and the surrounding areas has only knocked the dust down a bit and made some areas a little sloppier. The water level in the ditch has risen very little, as it appears that most of the rain has been soaked up by the ground. The rain that has puddled up at the work site hasn’t caused any serious delays because the work has been on the poured pad and focused on setting up the forms around the steel and pouring the concrete for the east supporting wall. As you can see in the picture below, the contractors are moving right along.

Next week the west supporting wall will be poured, and then efforts will focus on the gate installation. As you can see the new structure is a little wider than the existing one and doesn’t have a middle support. This will allow more water to flow through along with debris during flood events, which should allow us the ensured flood relief to our neighbors north of Duck Creek.

That is all for now, just wanted to show that things are continuing to move in the right direction (see the Aug. 20 post and Sept. 3 post for earlier pictures of this project).

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