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Brief Update on Units A and B: September, 2012

Sep 26, 2012

This summer we’ve been anxiously waiting for the work to be completed in Units A and B. Checking off the final details of the contract has taken longer than expected. It has been a couple weeks since our last post and I wanted to give you an update on where we stand. According to Jacob Careaga, Design and Development Division Chief, “The work is nearly complete, but there are a few significant items that must be addressed with the contractor. We are attempting to resolve this in a quick manner so that we can take back ownership of the site and start managing it for waterfowl once again.”

Thank you for your interest. We’ll keep moving things forward.


Jared, sorry for the delay on your request, last week was kind of crazy. We do have a one stop shop for information on our Waterfowl webpage that is updated 3 times prior to waterfowl season.  In August, we provide a “Wetland Status Table” that gives an update on our wetland areas at the end of summer.  Then in September, we have the “Teal Season Status Table”, which is another area update and once again touches on habitat status.  In October, we update the “Wetland Status Table” again to account for any changes that may have occurred since Auguest.  We will be posting this revised table in the next couple of weeks.  A simple search of the website should also bring up this information.   Thanks for the question.

Would it be possible to use the well located at the fish ponds to add water to pool 2? Would it be possible to use the well at field 1 to add water to pool 3?

Thanks for all the effort your staff is doing to make Duck Creek a better area to enjoy in the future, my buddies and i have already had a great start to the season. I'm patiently awaiting the completion of renovations, and will be ready to reap the benefits of the new Duck Creek. Keep up the good work, and Happy hunting !!!!!

Gotta love low bid construction work........come on rain and water~!!!!!

Bandtaker1 - There are technical issues with stop logs in the water control structures and safety issues with the electrical work on the wells.  The stop logs supplied by the contractor don’t hold water and the electrical work doesn’t have a service disconnect for arc flash as required by the contract.   We are actively working with the contractor to get these issues resolved quickly.  The Fishponds and the pool at Kinder east of Field 1 each have wells which are functional.

Anonymous - every bit of rain helps. We raised the water elevation in Pool 1 from 343.2 to 343.4.  We need to see where we are at the end of October before we can determine how many positions will be available.

Darin - designating Pool 1 as inviolate refuge continues to be the focus as specified in our area management plan.  The road work around Pool 3 still needs to be completed to fully implement this objective so we will still have to route some traffic around portions of Pool 1 this year. There will be no waterfowl hunting allowed on Pool 1 after October 14. Thanks for your continued interest and support.

Can you tell us what the "few significant items" are that must be addressed with the contractor? Do the fish ponds and field 1 in kinder have wells located on them?

How much did this rain help? How many spots does it look like will be opened up to hunting this year with the current amount of water?

Has there been any focus on the entire lake being a refuge this year? I believe less disturbance around the lake will benefit duck hunters on and around the area. Granted we get the weather and birds!!! Keep up the good work on the area.

Can we start getting updates on the status of Four Rivers CA? Even if it just a short article like this one, it would be nice to know if the area, Unit 4 specifically, is filling up with water prior to waterfowl season, or if it is going to be another dry year.

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