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April Showers at Duck Creek

Apr 27, 2011

Like much of southeast Missouri, Duck Creek has received a substantial amount of rain since last Friday (more than a foot of precipitation). Many of the surrounding roads in the Mississippi Lowlands are closed due to flooding (check out MODOT's interactive map).

Area Access

At this point the area is still technically open, but much of it is flooded. Duck Creek is along the edge of the hills, so portions of the roads to the north (Highway P, Z, and 51) have remained open and are the best way to access the area if necessary. However, other sections of the roads leading to Duck Creek to the east and south (Highway C, K, P, and 51) have been closed due to high water.

Condition of Pools

The ditches running through Duck Creek (104, 105, 106, and 111) are very high but look to be receding a little. This, of course, will change if it continues to rain. Pools 2 and 3 have taken on a substantial amount of water. In Pool 2 water is over the road along most of its perimeter, which borders Ditches 104, 105, and 106.

In Pool 3, our two new spillways are working. Water is coming into the pool on the east side through the 260-foot lowered road (floodway) and flowing out of the pool through a similar floodway on the west side. From here the water is going into Ditch 1 and spreading out into Pool 8. These new structures are allowing the water to spread out within the basin, off of the private ground on the east and onto the publicly owned wetlands to the southwest.

After being drawn down in the last month, Unit A and B are flooded again as they have taken on water from Ditch 111 and the surrounding watershed. Also, Pool 1 is full to the brim.  To access Pool 1, use the northern entrance on Highway Z and drive around Unit A.  These roads are currently open and not flooded.

Other Damages

In the past few days there has been some wind damage as well. In places, trees within the timbered impoundments and Pool 1 have been blown over or snapped in half. 

Hopefully, the rain will subside and flood waters will begin to recede over the next few weeks. Currently, the area is functioning as a wetland and absorbing some of the extensive floodwaters to the immediate region.  We'll try to keep you posted. 

Be careful and stay safe.


Aerial photo of flooding on Duck Creek CA's Pools 1,2 and 3
Pools One, Two and Three Flooding


Aerial view of flooding at Duck Creek CA
Flooding East of Duck Creek


Photo of flooded Duck Creek CA unit AB, Pool 1
Initial Flooding at Duck Creek
Aerial view of flooding at Duck Creek CA


Aerial photo of Castor River flooding across Greenbrier CA
Flooded Greenbrier CA


Pool Three, Eastern Spillway


Photo of flooding at Duck Creek CA
Pool Three, Western Spillway


Photo of MDC sign nearly under water near Kinder, Mo.
MDC Sign Near Kinder


Photo of tree damage at Duck Creek CA
Duck Creek CA Tree Damage


I realize this is after Saturday.  I hope you went out to Duck Creek this weekend and had a successful fishing trip.  Pool 1 is and has been open to fishing despite the recent flooding.

Is Duck Creek's Main lake accsesable and\or flooded ? The wife and I are wanting to plan a fishing trip for Saturday.

Otter slough is fairing much better than expected considering the amount of water that came down the St. Francis River.  A large contigent of MDC staff from across the SE Region sandbagged around the headquarters and Otter Slough staff were able to man trash pumps and keep the water out of the offices/draw room.  Water did get into the shop area and some of the other outbuildings, but most of the equipment was saved thanks to a good neighbor on high ground that allowed us to move equipment into his pasture.  As far as infrastructure and wetland damage its too early to tell.  Provided the levees still function and they are able to get the water drawn off some of the units, Otter Slough should still be able to produce some moist soil habitat for the ducks this fall.  That is of course assuming that this flooding business is done for the summer!  I'll talk to Kevin Brunke later this week, if he has anything to add I'll post more then.  Thanks for the question.

I know that this is off of the subject to Duck Creek, but how is Otter Slough fairing after all of the flooding?

Duck Creek headquarters is in good shape. Monopoly Marsh (basically the entire basin) has been slowly rising since Wappapello broke over the spillway. Water started to drop in elevation Wednesday afternoon after topping out at 343.45. Water from Wappapello is not entering the basin and is not inhibiting drainage as much as we initially thought it might. However, it will take quite a while for water to drain because Mingo’s outlet, which is essentially at the bottom of the bathtub, is fairly small considering the size of the watershed. On the north end of the basin, on Duck Creek and the adjacent private land, water is starting to recede very slowly. This being said, there is still a lot of water out there. Pool 3 is almost 3 foot above full pool. I imagine we will be seeing water on parts of the area for quite a while. This is great for the swamp fish as they can get out and forage on all the worms and terrestrial bugs that are now floating around. However, as the days ensue and the temperatures rise, this is not good for the trees. As far as access goes, things are back to normal. Folks can drive past the headquarters and go around the north end of Pool 2. It looks like we should have some sunny days, which will give us more time to let the water recede and give you all opportunity to go out and fish on Pool 1. Have a good weekend.

Any update on the extensive flooding in the area?

No a very good news as some of the things already damaged, hope the thing get better very soon.

Although last week flood waters had a couple days to begin to recede, we received between 2-3 inches in the surrounding area over the weekend. The USACOE is watching Wappapello Lake and expecting it to crest latter in the week. With the recent rains they will be increasing the discharge into the St. Francis River. What this means for Mingo and Duck Creek is that there is a hydraulic dam at the bottom of the basin. Any more water we receive will continue to stack up and begin to back flood the lower elevations. Odds are this will be similar to the flooding we observed last week. Pools 1, 2, 3, and 8 will remained flooded and land east of Duck Creek and north of Crowley’s Ridge will also be inundated. I’ve included some pictures of last week’s conditions.

Just wanted give you all an update.  We’ve had another day to assess the situation as well as let the water spread out.  Most of the extensive flooding is on the south side of the basin as water is backing up against Crowley’s Ridge.  We’ve taken a lot through Duck Creek and into Mingo NWR as well.  Monopoly is at 342, which is 2 foot higher than what it was during the 2008 flood.  Duck Creek is open.  Our roads and infrastructure are holding up. The surrounding ditches have dropped at least a foot in the past 24 hours.  Although roads are open to the area headquarters, the best way access to the Pool 1 is still from the north along Highway Z.  We’ve had some use and folks are out on Pool 1 fishing today.  Have a good weekend and stay safe.

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