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Active April

Apr 23, 2011

The weather patterns aren’t the only things that have been active during this past month. Hopefully, you’ve been able to get out in between the rain events to take advantage of mushrooms, turkeys and fish. There have been some gorgeous days in between.

Along with the bounty of spring, we’ve been quite busy with renovation activities.

Stage 2 Planning:

Last week we had biologists from multiple divisions (Private Lands, Fisheries, Forestry, Wildlife and Resource Science) come down for a field day. We spent the day touring the area, examining maps and discussing potential renovation work for our second stage. This planning day will help us develop our next NAWCA grant proposal. NAWCA stands for North American Wetland Conservation Act, which provides federal match to wetland restoration projects that have strong partnerships. Most of the wetland work in Missouri wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our partners and NAWCA funding.

Pre-Bid Meeting:

This week we switched gears and focused back on items identified in our first NAWCA grant, which was renovating Unit A and B. in the past year we focused a lot of time and effort putting these plans together and working with our engineers. This week we had a pre-bid meeting for interested contractors to come out and get a better idea of the type and scope of work we are planning to do later this summer. We had a good turnout, as the number of trucks in front of the office was close to the number that you might see before a waterfowl morning draw.

In the next couple of months we will go through the process of accepting bids, awarding a winner and getting approval by the Conservation Commission. Hopefully, right around the time Duck Creek dries out from the spring rains we should be ready to break ground. Currently, it looks like this will be around mid-July. Work will continue through the rest of the summer and early fall until the work is done or it gets too wet to finish.

Thanks again:

This is an exciting time, and we’re looking forward to getting this work done. Thank you again for your patience as we keep Duck Creek open, yet work around the construction activities.

Well, I hope you can find a time when the rain clears to get out to Duck Creek and enjoy one or more of your favorite spring activities. Have a good Easter weekend.


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