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2013 Teal Season Details at Duck Creek

Sep 04, 2013

Duck Creek and Dark Cypress Swamp will be open for teal hunting. Please follow statewide regulations and hunters must fill out teal hunting cards prior to their hunt.

Locations:

Teal hunting cards will be available for hunters to fill out prior to their hunt at these four sign-in box locations:

1. Area HQ

2. Large parking area on the north side of Unit A

3. McGee parking area (Mingo Bowhunters parking) west side of Unit B

4. 1st parking area at Dark Cypress Swamp

Open Teal Hunting Locations:

1. Pool 1 north of the refuge boundary signs

2. Unit A

3. Unit B

4. Dark Cypress Swamp

There are no assigned positions, nor are there limits to number of hunters. Basically, the area will be open on a first-come first-serve basis.  Hunters will be allowed to self-regulate themselves as far as how far apart they hunt from one another. Each hunter must fill out a card and designate which one of the 4 units above they hunted in.

Flooded Habitats

Water levels are still high in Pool 1. We captured water at Dark Cypress after the last flood event in August. We have added water in Unit B to hunting positions 54 and 55. In Unit A, we are planning to flood the distribution channel this week and will continue to keep most of the scours in the pools flooded throughout teal season. As the month progresses and as we are able to prepare units for this fall, we may add more water to positions later in the teal season.

Good Luck

Hope everyone has a safe and successful teal season! Please remember to identify your target before you shoot. The area has lots of young wood ducks and several shovelers will be showing up so please be careful. Have fun!


Dark Cypress in August 2013
Teal Season Habitat
Flooding along the Castor River has provided habitat for early migratory teal and hunting opportunity at Dark Cypress CA this year.


Public access will remain open up to the east entrance bridge and west water control structure bridge.  No vehicle access will be allowed around the north portion of Pool 1 beginning October 15th.

Can bow hunters drive around the lake to hunt pool 8 after oct 15?

Yes, ladder stands may be used on Duck Creek and Mingo (as long as they are portable, meaning not permanent or built on site). Here is the official verbiage for utilizing tree stands on MDC areas (Mingo NWR is essentially the same rule, just worded a bit differently): Only portable tree stands are allowed from Sept. 1 through Jan. 31. Unattended stands must be plainly labeled on a durable material with the full name and address, or Conservation Number, of the owner and be removed from the area before Feb. 1. Use of nails, screw-in steps, and any material or method that would damage the tree is prohibited.

Are ladder stands allowed at Duck Creek or Mingo for deer hunting?

Thanks for all of your hard work and willingness to update all of us on what is going on at Duck Creek! I for one am very grateful that you all are willing to take even more time out of your busy day to answer everybody's "important" questions. Thanks for the great work! Looking forward to getting in the swamp this fall, and seeing all of the improvements that have been made to make our hunting experience even better than it already was!

Two blinds have been built and replaced at AA3 and AA2 in Pool 3. The headquarters building is receiving some much needed renovations such as rewiring and modernizing the entire electrical system, reinforcing the foundation, replacing roof and siding, adding a covered front sign-in area and improving the shop area.  Teal populations are still very low, as elsewhere in the state.  We have not seen more than 200-300 birds on the area.  Hopefully this will change today!

Sounds like this could keep pressure light. I vote for a car port with no sides!!

Have the new blinds in pool 3 been finished? What is being done to the headquarters building? How many teal is duck creek holding?

Two words Darin:  Circus Tent!  :)  We are still working on that, but most likely we will have some form of shelter to keep you out of the rain, but I won't promise any type of heat or anything too fancy!

Matt, If you have the draw set up out in the parking lot what is going to keep everyone out of the rain if we have some inclement weather?? Thanks for your response.

That is odd. The title of this blog entry is 2013 TEAL SEASON DETAILS AT DUCK CREEK. I would think that the word details would include a report on the daily kills made on site. I guess you guys ARE pretty busy right now. Sincerely Thanks for showing patience and tolerance for my pesky questions. Just trying to stay one step ahead of the game.

We will not be posting teal harvest data throughout the season. This blog is not intended to be used as a kill chart and posting this information in such a way has never been done in the past. At the conclusion of teal season we will attempt to post a brief summary.  We have been adding water to the area throughout the last week. Currently we have water in the distribution channel (center of Unit A), 14, 52, 53, 54, and 55. Many of the scours in Unit A also have quite a bit of water in them and are huntable.  Much of Dark Cypress remains flooded as well.  We still have a lot of moist-soil disking to do in Units 10, 11, 8, and 13 prior to flooding so it will not be flooded before teal season ends. Teal are predictable migrators, my suggestion is head out in front of any front that passes through SEMO and you are bound to encounter a flock or two as they migrate into the area. Be careful, we have seen flocks of pintails, wood ducks, and shovelers on the area so please identify your target before you shoot.  Thank you for your continued interest in Duck Creek.

Does anyone know how many teal were killed in A Unit B Unit The Lake and Dark Cypress so far? It has been a week now and no report has been available. Any water being added to the east side of unit A (8 10 11 13)?

Bub,We are working on a backup plan for the draw.  We will likely set up an area out in the parking lot next to the Headquarters...It is not going to be ideal, but it is looking a lot more like a reality at this point.  We will keep everyone up to speed as this situation developes!

Where will the draw take place for opening morning if headquarters renovations are not complete ?

nice to see you guys are on the ball like always

Water is being added to portions of Unit A and Unit B.  The spillway construction on the  south portion of Unit A is not complete.  The road should be open to vehicle access by Friday, September 13.

Waterfowl hunt cards have not been tallied or recorded yet.

Has any water been added in a and b unit? Has the work on the road at 10 and 11 parking lot and down by 15 parking lot been finished and if not can you tell us when it will be completed?

Can anyone tell us how many teal were harvested in A Unit? How many were harvested in B Unit? How many were harvested on the lake? How many were harvested in Dark Cypress? Both for Saturday and Sunday!

We didn’t do any food plots out at Greenbrier this year because we were anticipating doing some dirt work out there.  This has not happened yet.

We haven’t done an official count.  There is a lot of green vegetation out there where teal can hide.  The locations with the most water and where there has been some bird activity is Pool 1 and Dark Cypress.  Habitat and access will improve in Unit A and B over the next week as the road construction between 10 and 11 is finished up and we get a little more water showing in a couple of the pools.  

Are there any row crops in the greenbrier unit?

What kind of Teal numbers have been seen at Duck Creek and Dark Cypress?

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