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1st of November, Waterfowl Hunting Update

Nov 03, 2010

The Middle zone waterfowl season opens November 6. There will be 12 flooded positions available at Duck Creek for opening weekend. These positions are:

Unit A - 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 18
Unit B - 48 South and 19
Pool 1 - L3 and L4

The reservoir has lost 3 feet of water this summer and fall from evaporation and plant transpiration. There is no excess water available to flood any of the timbered pools until we start receiving some substantial rainfall.

We are currently pumping water out of 14 and 18 and sending it into H-pool and 48 North. There may be enough water in H-pool to hunt on Saturday, but we are not counting on it yet.

Dark Cypress is also very dry. It will remain administered in the draw at Duck Creek and will be available if someone wishes to hunt there, but it will not count as a position until conditions improve. The same applies to the Unit B positions 37, 41, 43, 52 and 54.

Two reservations were issued for the first seven days of the season, three for the second week and five for the remaining weeks.

The Ditch 111 structure is wrapping up and may be finished by this weekend but we will not know for sure until Friday, Nov. 5. If we can allow traffic across the new bridge, then traffic will not be detoured via P and Z highways and Unit A may be accessed as normal. We will issue reservations for the ADA blind north of Unit A if we do not have to detour the traffic. We have a reservation waiting list and will call all individuals on this list when we know for sure the road is open.

We will post updates as conditions change. Good luck and we look forward to seeing you!


This is more of an overall kudos. I love the scenic pics in the header of the site. I love the pink photo with the trees coming from the water... Glad I found it...

dont you think with otter slough using the quick draw system that at duck creek there should be more blinds/pools if not all. Reason being so that hunters who dont get drawn at otter would have better chance huting if they chose to come to duck creek.

Hey, Keith. This blog is awesome. You are doing great in getting the information out to us Joe Public Hunters and I know this since I are one now that I don't work there anymore. Keep up the good work and give my best to all. Best wishes and God Bless. Andy

Thanks for these great updates. I am hoping to have a free day to go into hunting together with a friend...

I'm looking forward for your update on this when you got all confirmed. I'd like to bring my son with me ;)

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