But it is good for you...

the Bockman Family take advantage of a cool day to discover nature
Don’t let the tyrant winter keep you inside! Exercise your freedom to be happy and healthy on any number of local nature trails or conservation areas. More

Our Own Little Slice of …Yellowstone

Herd of elk in fall at Peck Ranch Conservation Area
Visitors to Peck Ranch Conservation Area discover why some folks are calling it Missouri’s Yellowstone. More

Braggarts Welcome

JT Barkley with his first buck
At Twin Pines, we’re trying to recreate the atmosphere and camaraderie of hunters at the check-in stations that were once so common in November. More

Who-Whooo's Visited Twin Pines Lately?

Pam Price pauses from the Twin Pines Owl-o-ween program to pose with Hedwig, a
Pam Herd-Price from Dickerson Park Zoo introduced three of Missouri’s native owl species and dispelled myths about these night fliers to nearly 500 students, teachers and parents. Nothing scary about these guys! More

Tie-ing the Past to the Future

ties would choke the Current River in the early days of Ozarks timber harvesting
At a recent reenactment of a tie drive on the Current River, volunteers were reminded of the rugged individuals who routinely rode the rafts each Spring and of our conservation roots. More

Woods and Water Management

Gaskins family watering a shortleaf pine
It may be hard to think of woodlands as a big garden but the same gardening principles apply. In these times of drought, managing your woodlands and forests may mean more water for your remaining trees. More

Current River’s Corps from the Discovery Center

photo of the Kansas City Urban Ranger Corps
A group of young men from Kansas City gain an awareness of Ozarks Streams and while staff learn the possibilities of using the river as an interpretive center. More

Build It and They Will Come

Food plots at the edge of shortleaf pine woodland
Habitat improvements at Rocky Creek Conservation Area will provide much needed open land for both game and non-game species. More

It’s Not Paper or Plastic, It’s Oak or Hickory

Barb Ostmann begins weaving her basket at a DNW workshop at Twin Pines
Long before the supermarket began offering a choice of paper or plastic, early Ozarkers had the choice of oak or hickory baskets to carry their goods and treasures. Today baskets can be made of exotic plants, meaning habitat improvement is woven into an Ozarks tradition. More

'Be Prepared' Isn’t Just for Boy Scouts

In the logs woods, foresters may need to self-evacuate by splinting.
MDC employees take the “be prepared” out of the Boy Scout manual and into the log woods. More

Ozarks Pioneer Hog Caller Calls Attention to Feral Hogs

Melanie Carden-Jessen portrays an Ozarks pioneer hog caller
Feral hogs were once common in the Ozarks and were a factor in the low deer and turkey populations in the 1930s. Lennis Broadfoot’s character study of a Ripley County hog caller brings home that feral hogs are still a problem in Missouri. More

Your Prescription Is Ready

Naturalist Reta Barkley takes local kids on an outdoor adventure
Don't let the moans of "I'm bored" drive you crazy! Maybe the prescription you need is right outside your door. More

Ozarkers Discover Nature at Twin Pines

Caroline Gaskins enjoys fishing at Twin Pines Conservation Education Center
Heritage Day and school field trips result in record April visitation to Twin Pines Conservation Education Center. More

Long-Term Lessons for Van Buren Students

Resource Scientist Carrie Steen demonstrates how to evaluate mast.
Resource scientist and naturalist team up to help students get some hands-on lessons about the Missouri Forest Ecosystem Project’s 100-year studies currently being conducted at Peck Ranch. More

Here Come the Neo-tropicals

Image of a rose-breasted grosbeak
You don't have to know all the names of birds to enjoy them, but if learning their names is a goal, taking them three at a time makes the task much more manageable. More

That Ornamental Could Be a Menace

Callery Pear
Shannon County residents learn the hard way that careful selection of your ornamentals may prevent heartache later. More

But I Don't Want It Under My House...

Opossum in snow
Missourians enjoy spending time outdoors watching wildlife, they just don’t want to share their homes with it! One-way doors may provide a humane solution to evicting animals from under your home. More

Roadkill Café

Roadkill cafe participants prepared and enjoyed a variety of wild game dishes
Roast skunk? You bet! Nothing goes to waste at the Twin Pines Roadkill Café where participants learned to prepare tasty dishes from wild game. More

Seriously Fun Nature Programs

Woman holding a river cane dream catcher
Take home handmade treasures and lifelong conservation lessons from Twin Pines' Discover Nature programs. More

Lessons in Leopold’s Land Ethic

In his collection of conservation essays, "A Sand County Almanac," Aldo Leopold wrote of a personal land ethic, how we respect, treat and protect the land. Our upcoming Ozark-area workshops can help folks keep Leopold's land ethic alive with a variety of good conservation practices. More
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