A New, Old Way to Hunt

Bow Hunting
Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or just an escape from the tree-stand, hunting from the ground can add all new elements to your hunt. More
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More Than Giggin'

The lesson that stuck with me more than any other is this. Although we could take up to 20 suckers, we didn’t always need them. There was no need to take what we couldn’t use at the fish fry that evening. More
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High-tech Tool Helps Kids Get the Lowdown on Nature

Child in woods aiming digital camera
In this fast paced world of 3-D and 4G kids, a group of Cub Scouts learn to use digital technology to slow down and listen to the story nature has to tell. More

Fuel Now, Habitat and Timber for the Future

photo of a screech owl in a tree cavity
Choose carefully when deciding which trees to cut for fuel this season. You could be providing food and homes for wildlife while keeping your own home warm and toasty. More

A Little Rain Can’t Dampen a Big Flock of JAKES

Next time it starts to rain on your outdoor activity, don’t groan prematurely. More

Species Symphony

hellbender, a large brown salamander resting in gravelly streambed
The music of the Ozarks ecosystem just wouldn’t be the same without the diversity of plants and animals found here, including some pretty weird-looking salamanders. More

Shedding Some Light On Snakes

Image of an osage copperhead
"Just leave them to their rat killin'," as my grandmother used to say. Here are a few answers to some common snake questions we hear at Twin Pines. More

Shooting for a Safe Graduation

Looking to shoot your bow before bow season? Check out the archery tournament at Little Black Conservation Area to benefit Doniphan High seniors! More

Wildlife "Firsts"

Now that the driving tour is open at Peck Ranch, some local folks are catching a glimpse of some of Missouri’s newest residents, elk. More

The Accidental Tourist

When loggers find an abandoned desert tortoise in Shannon County, it reminds us to choose pets carefully. Abandoned exotic pets can create long-term impacts on the health of Missouri's forest, fish and wildlife. More

More Than Just a Day in the Park

MDC helps out at the Osage Hills District day camp where Cub Scouts could earn a merit badge or two and learn the lesson of teamwork. More
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Nature at Night

Discover Nature at night at the Twin Pines Conservation Education Center Elk Camp. Hanging out at night can be pretty enlightening. More
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Cool Programs for a Hot July

It may be hot outside, but Missouri's only rural nature center has some pretty cool programs going on. More
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How Many Bears Are There In Missouri?

The Missouri Black Bear Project is collecting data from donut-loving black bears right here in the Shannon County area. More

Fishing, Families and Fun at Twin Pines

Looking for a great way to spend time with your family? Why not fishing? Good ol' days memories start at Twin Pines Family Fishing Day! More

Mom Is There Somewhere

That cute baby animal has special needs, and nobody can do that better than its mom. Leave that baby where you found it to give it the best chance in life. More

Our Kids Are Worth It

Local folks team up with the National Wild Turkey Federation to put their resources into what is important, our kids. More

There's an Easier Way to Learn a New Outdoor Skill

Learning a new outdoor skill doesn't have to put a strain on your marriage. More
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My Fair Elk

Winona Elementary third grader shares his enthusiasm for elk at local science fair. More
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Turkey Hunter Gets the Catch of a Lifetime

Light-colored tom is quite a catch for Shannon County turkey hunter. More

Twin Pines Brings Broadfoot Drawings to Life

The staff and volunteers at Twin Pines Conservation Education Center use the character studies of Lennis Broadfoot to bring some important conservation messages to nearly 600 students. More

A Little Help From Our Friends

Twin Pines Conservation Education Center recognizes some of it many volunteers for outstanding service to conservation education. More

Planet Ozarks

You don't have to wait for the television series. You can check out some of the most beautiful and wildest places right here in the Ozarks. More

FFA Means Future Foresters Too

MDC foresters do their part to help the next generation of foresters get ready for competition and future careers at Twin Pines FFA field day. More

Flight of the Timberdoodle

How boring would it be if all the landscape were the same! When it comes to wildlife, it isn't just a matter of boring; it is a matter of survival. Diversity in habitat is the key to diversity in wildlife species. More

Missouri's Wild Justice

Loving the outdoors is a great start, but there is much more to becoming a conservation agent. Area youth and their parents try their hand with some tools, techniques and a little guidance from experienced MDC agents. More

So You Want to Do a Prescribed Burn on Your Place?

MDC stands ready to help local landowners learn to conduct prescribed burns on their own property, helping them realize their land-management dreams. More

A New Mattress for Shannon County Stream Bed

A mattress in a stream? You bet! MDC partners with Shannon County and Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation to install a new articulating concrete mattress stream crossing on Mahan Creek, providing stability and improving water quality. A new solution to an old problem. More

An Internship Provides Much More Than a Summer Job

Peter Noble shares his experience as a summer Forestry Division intern and the feeling of satisfaction knowing he has helped MDC meet its goals of managing Missouri's forests, fish and wildlife in the Ozarks Region. More

MDC Storm-Damaged Salvage Timber Report

Local loggers and mill operators make lemonade from lemons, salvaging more than 12 million board feet of timber from 2009 tornadoes and wind storms. More
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