Return of the Quail

Their passion for wildlife will inspire them to continue to do more. More

Quail Quest 2 - West Central Missouri

Man's hand holds a late-season quail chick
We ran into our first covey within 3 minutes of leaving the truck. More

Quail Quest - Northwest Missouri

Quail Hunting
Some of my best quail hunts in Missouri have occurred in the last two years as quail populations have responded to habitat management and drier summers. More

Take Heart - We Can Bring Quail Back

Amid years of doom and gloom predictions for the bobwhite quail, we can see a bright light on the horizon. That bright light got a little brighter this fall as the Department and our partner Quail Forever began an effort to inventory quail numbers on several of our private land Quail Focus Areas (QFAs) for the first time. More

Conduct Covey Call Counts this Month

bobwhite quail
Count calling fall coveys the last three weeks in October to find out how many quail coveys are on your land. More

Fall Coveyheadquarters Newsletter Now Available Online

Bobwhite quail chick
New fall edition of the Coveyheadquarters Newsletter is now available online. More

Summer 2

June breeding bird surveys from the 2C Quail Focus Area show more bobwhite quail and grassland songbirds calling in the focus area than in a nearby control area. More

Quail Steal the Show

bobwhite quail
The University of Missouri Bradford Research Center, outside of Columbia, held a “Bobwhite Quail and Native Pollinator Field Day” on June 20th. Tour participants were so caught up with the chorus of quail calls, I’m not sure they heard much of what we had to tell them! More


A good friend recently shared with me the lyrics of the old John Denver song "Summer". It describes perfectly what I have been embraced in each morning as I sit in the country along a secluded gravel road waiting for the quail, pheasant and songbirds to wake up. More

Celebrate National Pollinator Week at MU's Bradford Farm on June 20

Painted lady butterfly
Pollinators provide assistance to fruit, vegetable and seed crops, but many native pollinator species are declining. Join us at the University of Missouri’s Bradford Research Center for a bobwhite quail and native pollinator field day Thursday, June 20, 1-7 p.m. More

Just a Week Remains in the USDA's Conservation Reserve Program Signup

Adult Male Deer
The CRP pays a yearly rental payment in exchanged for farmers removing environmentally sensitive land from agricultural production and planting species that will improve environmental quality. More

Summer 2013 Covey Headquarters Newsletter Now Available

bobwhite quail
The Summer 2013 Covey Headquarters Newsletter is now available. More

Field and Stream 'Hero For a Day' Coming to Missouri

On Saturday, June 15, 2013, Field and Stream is bringing their "Hero for a Day" event to Crowley's Ridge Conservation Area near Bloomfield, Missouri. More

MU Quail and Native Pollinator Field Day on June 20

The University of Missouri’s Bradford Research Center will host a bobwhite quail and native pollinator field day Thursday, June 20, 1-7 p.m. More

CRP Signups and Landowner Workshops Announced

Landowners improve habitat
CRP Workshops are being held for landowners and agricultural producers in advance of the USDA Farm Service Agency’s Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) general sign-up that runs May 20th through June 14th. More

Are You Guilty of Recreational Mowing?

Bobwhite quail chick
Look at a recently mowed field and there are not many places for a quail covey to hide. More

State of the Bobwhite Quail in Missouri - 2012

Quail Hunting on Prairie
2012 proved to be another one of those years tough on quail in many areas of the state. More
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