Ever Seen a Bird Dog Parade or Strolled Down Bird Dog Alley?

bobwhite quail in snow
If you love dogs, you need to put this event on the calendar! For the first time, Pheasants Forever's National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic will be held Feb. 17-19, 2012, at the Kansas City Convention Center in downtown Kansas City, Mo. More

Winter Covey Headquarters Newsletter Now Available

Frank Loncarich approaches two dogs on point.
The Winter Covey Headquarters Newsletter is now available. Sign up for it now. More

Time to Build Next Year’s Covey Headquarters

planting a seedling
You can’t beat the state nursery for affordable conservation seedlings. More

Shelter From the Coming Storms

Tree cut down beside open field to create quail habitat
Brush piles might look rough to you, but to wildlife, they look like shelter from the storm. More

Time to Order Tree and Shrub Seedlings

planting a seedling
The Missouri Department of Conservation’s George O. White Tree nursery is gearing up for another season of tree seedling sales. More

If It's Green in November, Spray It!

Fall is a great time to find and control invasive plants. More

Counting Quail

Man's hand holds a late-season quail chick
Ongoing covey counts indicate mixed quail-hunting prospects across the Show-Me State. More

The State of the Bobwhite

Check out this new, range-wide bobwhite conservation report. More

Partnership to Benefit Private Landowners

Jan and Bruce Sassmann, Kyle Lairmore
Habitat Challenge Grant funds will help improve habitat for quail and early successional wildlife. More

Fall Projects for Quail Managers

Tree cut down beside open field to create quail habitat
With quail season still a month and a half away, die-hard bird hunters may be wondering what to do on weekends between now and Nov. 1. More

Food of the Gods, Cause of the Sneeze

Landowner on tractor pulls disk field to promote ragweed growth
I’m not sure how ragweed attained such a regal genus name. I don’t know anyone who eats it, or even has tried it, but to a quail, the title is certainly well-earned. More

Drinking From a Firehose

Biologists afield at Tall Timbers Quail Tour in Florida
In Missouri, I feel like we’re already ahead of the curve on quail management both on private lands and public lands–-we like fire for quail, and we know quail need the kind of habitat that well-planned and executed prescribed burns create. But be assured (like Scarlett says, “as God is my witness”) if there is a better, faster, cheaper way to create quail successes, this group will find it. More

Physics Lessons for Quail Managers

bobwhite quail
To be more successful managing quail on your farm, look for ways to increase the amount of space they can use for the most days of the year. More

How Many Different Calls Does a Bobwhite Quail Make?

bobwhite quail
Click the video tab on this page to find out. There will be a quiz later! More

Calling "Quiet Quail"

bobwhite quail
I have a friend who calls quail. He doesn't use a phone or other fancy electronics. He mimics the fall covey call or, as I like to say, their "come-hither" call. More

Have any of you been seeing baby quail, pheasant or turkeys?

Photo of Newly Hatched Quail Chicks
Now is the time you should start seeing broods. More

Check Your Brood Habitat Now

Photo shows quail chick in brood habitat
Imagine if you were half the size of your thumb and had to catch insects the first 14 days of your life to survive. For the millions of newly hatched Missouri quail chicks this is a reality. More

Give Your Birds A Break

Bobwhite quail chick
According to the calendar, quail nesting season is beginning to wind down. Or is it? More
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What Plant Is This?

Photo shows prairie plant response to prescribed burn
Now is the time when several quail-friendly plants are flowering or producing seed and are relatively easy to identify. More

Missouri Quail Summit a Success!

Photo of male northern bobwhite
What do you call it when you get 175 landowners, biologists and quail researchers together? A SUCCESS! More

Wanted: The Unwanted

Photo of large group of sericea lespedeza plants
Its ability to thrive under a variety of conditions and its tendency to crowd out more palatable plants are among the reasons it has become noxious in some states. More

Register Now for Missouri Quail Summit and Bradford Farm Field Tours

bobwhite quail
Quail are making a comeback, and conservationists will be flocking to the Missouri Bobwhite Quail Summit to help bring back these native birds. More
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What Do I Do Now?

Check out “The Covey Headquarters” quarterly newsletter. This free publication is published four times a year and is filled with timely habitat management tips, suggestions and success stories from landowners throughout the Midwest. More

Building Better Brood Habitat

Photo shows quail chick in brood habitat
Reduce dominant grasses to create prime brooding cover. More

Brood Habitat: Where the Bugs Are

Weedy brood habitat is best for bugs and bobwhites. More
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Surf Over to the NBCI Website

Quail enthusiasts will want to add the NBCI website to their "favorites" list. More
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Go Eat a Bug

Photo of a Xysticus crab spider, individual, on rough blazing star flowerhead.
Insects are an important food for quail chicks and nesting hens. More

The Basics of Bobwhite Nesting

Photo of Newly Hatched Quail Chicks
Through 80-plus years of study, wildlife researchers have made some surprising discoveries about the bobwhite's reproduction. More
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Turkasaurus Rex?

Turkeys Don’t Threaten Quail
Many hunters are convinced that the wild turkey is some super predator, crashing through the thickets and fields like the T. rex from Jurassic Park. But there’s no evidence to suggest this is the case. More

Too Much Grass?

Photo of diverse grassland, including wildflowers
“What’s this?” you say. “I thought quail needed grass.” Well, it’s certainly true that quail need some grass as part of their habitat, but, through research, we know that they don’t need as much as many folks think. We also know that their populations can decline when we have too much of it. More

What the Heck is “Early Successional Habitat”?

Photo shows quail chick in brood habitat
Readers who follow habitat management literature have probably run across the term “early successional management.” This is one of those terms that biologists and land managers use often. But because it’s not used much by anyone else, it may leave many scratching their heads about what it means. In short, it means weed patches. More

Spring Into Action

Begin improving the wildlife habitat on your farm by converting fescue. More

Planting Dead Sticks

planting a seedling
Treat shrub plantings like you would a crop or garden. More
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Are You A Pole Burner?

photo of utility pole burnt in two
Don’t let your passion for wildlife restoration burn out of control. Attend a prescribed burn workshop near you, then follow your burn plan! More
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Spring 2011 Covey Headquarters Newsletter Now Available

This issue is packed with information on quail habitat management techniques and activities to be conducted during the spring, as well as other timely topics. More

Snow Melt - Oh, What A Relief For Wildlife!

Is there anything we can do to help the birds the next time we get a tough winter? More

After the Blizzard of 2011, Can You STILL Find the Quail in this Picture?

photo of two quail in snowy woods
Even after last week’s snowstorm, the quail are still alive and still under the shrub thickets shown in the photo from last week’s post. More
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Can You Find the Quail in This Photo?

While you ponder the number of quail in this shrub thicket, consider that quail rely on dense shrubs every day. More

Why We Don't Stock Quail

We get a lot of questions from hunters about why we do not stock quail. Here are some insights from Department quail biologist Beth Emmerich. More
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