Favorite Shrubby Cover Results

The results are in for the what's your favorite shrubby cover poll. More

Prepare Next Year's Brooding Cover

Now is a great time to prepare next year's brooding cover. More

Small Properties and Big Hearts

Here are a few questions from a dedicated landowner. More

How Quail Habitat Management Can Help Your Deer Season

The next time you visit the local feed store, take a look at the back shelf. More

What to Do with an Expiring CRP Contract

Many landowners, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts don't realize the looming deadline. More than 21 million acres of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) contracts will expire over the next five years. More

Review of Missouri's Quail-Hunting Season Dates

Ever wonder why the opening and closing dates of quail-hunting seasons vary so much from state to state, or why Missouri’s season is always Nov. 1 to Jan. 15? More

Regulation Changes Provide More Quail Hunting Opportunities in 2009

During the 2009 quail season, upland bird hunters will notice new hunting regulations on a few conservation areas. More
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Late Summer Habitat Chores

Back in August, I had a landowner poll to find out what landowners have been doing over the summer. More

Quail Habitat Projects for Turkey Hunters

The past three years have been tough on ground-nesting birds. Wet springs and snowy winters haven't been good for quail, prairie chickens, turkeys, pheasants and grassland birds. More

Volunteers Needed for Fall Whistle Count Surveys!

In October 2009, Department biologists will head to the field before sunrise to listen for bobwhites, but not for the familiar “bob-bob-white” whistle we all relish hearing in the spring and summer. What they want to hear is “koi-lee... koi-lee”. NOTE: The Department is not asking for quail covey count volunteers in 2010. More
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Direct Seeding Shrubs

Are you tired of planting bare root shrubs? It can be back-breaking work. More

Questions From a Northwest Missouri Landowner On Wet Quail

Here's a string of habitat questions from "BWQ_Farm," a Missouri landowner and quail fanatic. Check out his blog at "BWQ_Farm." More
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Get Them Out!

This morning, I took my oldest son squirrel hunting. More

Thrifty Quail Habitat Management

In the good old days, most of Missouri (for that matter the entire bobwhite range) was made up of small farms comprised of small crop fields, brushy draws and diverse grass and legume pastures. More

Living on the Edge!

I've always said that quail like to live on the edge, but this rooster is really pushing it! More

Hazel Brush and a Bevy of Quail

A good friend sent me an interesting story on How We Used to Catch Quails, by James Williams. More

Predator Control for Landowners

I occasionally receive emails or phone calls from concerned quail hunters and landowners about the decline in bobwhite quail and grassland birds. I always provide them information on what Missouri is doing to restore habitat for bobwhites and grassland birds. More
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The Beautiful Side of Quail Habitat

A friend of mine has an eye for taking good pictures. More

Ask the Quail Guy - Larry from Michigan

Let's try something new. More

Farm Pictures

We've all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. More

Heading For High Ground

Last week we had two pounding storms that brought several inches of rain to central Missouri. Most lakes and rivers have been bank full or even worse... out of the banks. It's been the same story the past two years. More

Nitpicking Habitat Management - Stop the "Dead Zone"

I’m starting to think that some landowners might be genetically programmed to mow. However, many people don’t realize that mowing field edges--creating a “dead zone”--is also bad for quail. More

Favorite Quail Food Plots

A while back, I had a poll on food plots. The survey question asked what's your favorite type of food plot to plant for bobwhites. More

Bradford Farm Field Day Highlights Quail Management

On June 18, 2009, from 3 to 8 p.m. the Bradford Research and Extension Center east of Columbia, Mo., will host a Bobwhite Quail/Native Plant Field Day. More
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The Pros and Cons to Food Plots - Think Outside the Food Plot!

Some landowners and hunters will tell you food plots are essential if you want to have good quail habitat. The truth is a well managed warm-season grass field with a variety of forbs and legumes and shrubby cover is much more attractive to quail than a grass field with only a food plot. More

Flip-Flop That Food Plot

I was walking around the farm the other day and noticed last year's "succotash" food plot looked rather pathetic. More

More Missouri Successes

Nothing beats hearing a rooster bobwhite whistle in the spring. Well, maybe a wild turkey. More

Food Plot Management

The clear whistle of a bobwhite is an alarm clock for some landowners to start work on this year's food plots. More

More Missouri Success - Missouri Conservation Farmer of the Year

Success breeds more success. More

Quail Unlimited Radio-Collared Quail Update

In 2008, the Missouri Department of Conservation teamed up with Quail Unlimited to conduct a radio-collar project on three private land sites in central and western Missouri. More

Time to Spray Cool-Season Grasses

Spring is here. That means turkey season, crappie fishing and morel mushrooms. It also means cool-season grasses like fescue, brome and bluegrass are growing. More

Show-Me More Successes - From Cass County

For some time we've been hearing from landowners and conservation partners about Cass County. More

Show-Me More Success!

It’s pretty cool when people tell you they are seeing more dog boxes in the back of trucks and more hunters in orange vests and hunting chaps at gas stations and restaurants--a good sign there are more quail. More

Making Habitat for Bob, Tom and Buck

Even if your hunting place is big timber, grassland or crop fields, managing for bobwhites on all or part of your farm is a great way to enhance deer and turkey hunting on your property. More

Spring Strip-Disking for Quail

Landowner on tractor pulls disk field to promote ragweed growth
To improve grasslands and old fields for bobwhites consider strip-disking part of the field each year. More

Time to Plant Native Shrubs

Spring is here! More
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2008 Quail Plan Report

A brief overview of the Strategic Guidance for Northern Bobwhite Recovery 2008 Report released by MDC last week. More
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A Weekend of Burning

This time of the year my attention turns to prescribed burning. More

Building a Johnny House

I'll be honest. I can build some pretty darn good quail habitat, but I can't nail two boards together. More

Must-Have Quail Publications

Missouri has several great quail and grassland bird publications. More

Chicken Work is for All Birds!

Recently, the Missouri Department of Conservation announced future plans to stabilize and bring back the state’s declining greater prairie chicken population and to restore critical native grassland for other declining wildlife on private and public land. More
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Pen-Raised Quail

I occasionally receive phone calls and e-mails from dedicated quail hunters on if the Department of Conservation has ever considered stocking pen-raised quail to restore populations. The short answer is yes. More
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Stop Zombie Quail!

Jack Stanford (the Department’s quail biologist from the late 1950s to 1980) predicted the bobwhite decline we have seen the past 30 years. More

Order Native Shrubs for Covey Headquarter Plantings

Now that quail season is over, now is a good time to order shrubs for covey headquarter plantings and shrub row plantings. More

2008-2009 Missouri Quail Season Wrap-Up

The 2008-2009 Missouri quail season has come to an end. Only 290 days until opening day. More

Ode to the Bobwhite

The other day I received an email from Rick Fruend from the Saint Louis area. I thought I would share his poem about Mr. Bobwhite. More

Get the 2009 Your Key to Habitat - Quail Events Calendar

Did you ever want to know when male bobwhites start whistling or when to plant soybean or milo food plots? More
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