Summary of 2014 Breeding Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers on Duck Creek

Photograph of a female Hooded Merganser swimming with chicks
Although the September teal season brings into focus the upcoming waterfowl season, it is also the time in which we reflect on the ducks that were produced on Duck Creek. More

2014 Teal Season Details at Duck Creek

Open Water on Pool 1
Duck Creek and Dark Cypress Swamp will be open for teal hunting and here is what conditions will look like... More

Sometimes it is the little things...

Surveying for Bugs
Last week I was out looking to see what kind of food would be available for early season migrants like blue-winged teal. More

A Swiss-Army Knife, the Weather, and Wetlands:

Looking For Critters
The other night I sat outside in the shade and enjoyed the cool breeze and pondered the weather, the function of a good multi-tool like a Gerber or Swiss-army knife, and their relation to wetlands... More

Watching the Grass Grow, Really?

Submerged Snails near Arrowhead
Some may think that there isn’t much to see in a wetland during the summer. With spring migration long since passed and several sultry months to go before the activity of fall migration begins, what is there to look at and enjoy in a wetland? It is a good question. More

Ready for Fishing Over the Fourth

New Fishing Docks on Pool 1
The weather has cooperated enough to get a little bit of work done in the last few weeks. More

Pool 1: Upcoming Partial Day Closure, June 18th Update

Photo shows American lotus flower pod at Duck Creek CA
We wanted to let folks know that Pool 1 on Duck Creek will be closed to fishing for one partial day, which has yet to be determined, from first light of day until the completion of the job. More

Creature Feature: Godzilla Sequel?

Siren Mug Shot
Five hundred years ago maps from the old-world showed fantastic mythical beasts lurking ... More
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Of Marshes and Machines

Grandpas Tractor
Although I grew up in a small town, I learned at an early age on my grandpa’s farm that nothing runs like a big green tractor. More

The 3 R's of Earth Day...A Wetland Mantra?

Submergent Algae
Perhaps you have heard the slogan, “Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle” this week as folks have focused on Earth Day and tried to highlight ways to “go green”... More

Spring Is In The Air ... And Water

Newly hatched tadpoles in palm of hand.
The past several days feel like spring might actually show up and stay for a while. The warmer temperatures and rolling thunderstorms seem to indicate there might be a chance of May flowers after all. More

MDC to add ADA accessible fishing platforms, courtesy docks at Duck Creek CA

PUXICO, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) announces construction is slated to begin March 17 on boat ramps and fishing docks on Pool 1 at Duck Creek Conservation Area (CA). More

Form, Function, and Fishing

Pickerel Fishing
Last week the ice thawed out and temperatures rose briefly to tease us about the coming of spring. With that reminder, I thought I’d touch on another public use at Duck Creek that should be heating up. More

Antidote for Cabin Fever

Walk in the woods
This winter has been something else. The blasts of arctic air combined with every kind of wintery precipitation have cancelled schools, depleted road salt supplies, and ushered many folks indoors. More

Another Fowl Arctic Visitor

Foraging Tundra Swans
I know many of us have foul words for the polar vortex pattern this winter... More


Frozen Cricket-frog
Freezing temperatures are for the birds; at least they can migrate south if they feel like it. Other critters that can’t spread their wings are not as fortunate and have to hunker down and tough out winter’s chill. More
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