Plans and Activities in C Blind

A couple weeks ago, someone asked what was going to be done with C Blind. I've put a few things together in this post to shed some light on the subject. More

Units A and B Plan Concepts

In the past 50 years wetland design and development has changed quite a bit. By evaluating the topography and incorporating water movement and flood depth into our design we can get a better bang for our buck. More

Work in Progress: First of December 2010

Despite the wet conditions over the last few weeks the contractors are still making progress at Cato Levee. More

Things I'm thankful for...

In the spirit of the season I thought I’d list a few reasons I’m thankful that this year is almost water under the bridge (Sorry for the pun…I couldn’t help myself). More
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1st of November, Waterfowl Hunting Update

The Middle zone waterfowl season opens Nov. 6. There will be 12 flooded positions available at Duck Creek for opening weekend. More

Highway C Open Again

I’ve got good news for those of you who drive east or westbound on Highway C. More

Band(ing) of Brothers: Hoodies and Woodies

Well, it is about that time. I’m sure you all are anxious to see what this year’s waterfowl season has in store. I know I am. As we await the opener, my mind wanders and I begin to think about the number of birds produced this summer… in the northern prairies, but also right here in own our backyard. More

Third Week In October: Work in Progress and Duck Report

The last two weeks have been quite productive from a construction standpoint, but the reason for so much of this time and effort showed up this week...DUCKS! With the addition of water into Unit A the ducks have once again arrived in fair numbers and are utilizing the freshly flooded areas. More

Year in review and a look forward

For those of you who read this blog on a regular basis, thanks. I hope this has been helpful, informative and exciting to see things progress at Duck Creek. I know some of you have heard talk of Duck Creek renovations for almost 20 years. Well, I’d say it is finally happening. More

First Week of October: Work in Progress

It was another beautiful and dry week at Duck Creek as we rolled into October. The gates and air bladders were installed in the Ditch 111/1 structure. Yes, I said air bladders. More

September Work in Progress: Brought to you by the letter "S"

Salutations, steady progress continues straight through September. Silviculture, soils and structure work have all moved ahead as we’ve sneaked by without most of the state’s significant rainfall in the last two weeks. More
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Early Canada Goose Season

Early Canada goose hunting is allowed at Duck Creek following statewide regulations. Procedures will be basically the same as teal season. There will be a draw for positions in Units A and Unit B on Saturday, Oct. 2 and Sunday, Oct. 3. Draw time will be 4:45. More

Ditched Structure: Work in Progress

It has been a busy week for the staff at Duck Creek, as you can see from this post and the previous one. Things are moving forward, and that is GREAT news. The contractors moved in this week and started working on the Ditch 1/111 structure on the west side of Pool 1. Access to Unit A from the east is closed because of construction. More

Continued Work in Progress: Ditch 111/1 Structure

The construction of the water control structure continues to move forward. The scattered rain that has fallen at Duck Creek and the surrounding areas has only knocked the dust down a bit and made some areas a little sloppier. More

Hunting Season Update

Teal season starts tomorrow. I am glad this summer is nearing the end of its relentless onslaught of heat and drought. It was a rough one. More

Work in Progress: Ditch 111/1 Structure

Although things have been quite wet elsewhere in the state, thankfully the rain clouds haven’t dumped on Duck Creek. This has allowed the contractors to make progress with installing the new structure. More

2010 Mast Survey: Feeling a little nuttier at Duck Creek

Mast surveys are done every year at Duck Creek to get an idea of the annual hard-mast production. Hard mast, or acorns, provide valuable food resources to wildlife and are the foundation of tomorrow’s overstory. This year’s acorn production looks better than it has for the last few years. More

Turning A New Leaf

This week we started some timber stand improvement (TSI) work on the area. Although this isn't “renovation work” in the sense of construction, it is work being done to improve the habitat on Duck Creek in the long-term...so in a way you could still classify it as “renovation work.” Below is a little background on why we are cutting down some trees in order to “turn a new leaf” and make room for the future timber stand at Duck Creek. More
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Ditched Structure: Work in Progress

It has been a busy week for the staff at Duck Creek. Things are moving forward, and that is GREAT news. The contractors moved in this week and started working on the Ditch 1/111 structure on the west side of Pool 1. Unit A from the east is closed from the Pool 1 road because of construction. More
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Current and Upcoming Construction Activity: Aug. 12, 2010

I thought it was time for another update on activities, as it looks like a couple things have firmed up or fallen out since my last post. More
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Work in Progress: Cato Structure

I know it has been a while since we’ve given an update on any construction work. Truth be told, I was hoping to come to you with a little more progress at this point in time. More

Dark Cypress Tree Planting

In the previous post we received a question about planting trees on Dark Cypress. Since our resource forester, Ross Glenn, had a couple pictures along with his response, we figured we would just answer the question with an individual post. Check out what Ross had to say about the trees on Dark Cypress below. More

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year at this time field conditions at Duck Creek were just getting to the point where staff could begin manipulating the soil to make usable habitat for waterfowl. This year is a much different story. More

Work in Progress: Bridges and Structures

It is typical of any major construction project that you have to cut through a lot of "red tape" until you can get work on the ground started. More

Extreme Makeover: Conclusion, Part 5 of 5

Conclusion to 5-Part Mini-Series More

Extreme Makeover: The Effect of Time and People, Part 4

What Was the Shape of the Land? (Part 4 of 5-Part Mini-Series) More

Extreme Makeover: The Effect of Time and People, Part 3

How Water Flowed through the Land (Part 3 of 5-Part Mini-Series) More

Extreme Makeover: The Effect of People and Time, Part 1

Part 1 of 5 (a short mini-series) More

What Was on the Land? (Part 2 of 5-Part Mini-Series)

Extreme Makeover: The Effect of People and Time, Part 2 More

McGee Creek Cut-off, Unit B: Importance of Flood Connection

This weekend's rain and flooding across the region reminds me of the unique opportunity that we have on public lands like Duck Creek. More

Using Information: Potentially Removing Spoil Piles

As we work on the renovation plans, it is pretty amazing to see how things have changed over the last 60 years. More

Quick Draw Update

 We’ve got an update for those of you interested in the Quick Draw system. More

Work in Progress: Cato Structure

Signs of progress can be seen at the Cato Levee. More

Brother from a Different Mother: A Hooded Merganser's Tale

Militant Swamp Fish

Quick Draw System

The Missouri Department of Conservation released a press release on Tuesday announcing the new draw system that will be piloted next year at three of our managed waterfowl areas. More

Something Is Bugging Me...

Work in Progress: January Deliberations

Although the blog has been kind of quiet since the end of duck season, we are busy working on our plans for this summer and the next. More

Work in Progress: Cato Structure

It is nice to feel a little bit of warmth seep back into the Bootheel. More
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