March, 2012

Wappapello Bioblitz Turns Up Plant-Animal Hybrid

Bryan Morelli, standing in water, holds a MoZoan.
Genetic mix-up could enable Missourians to gather a limit of crappie and a mess of mushrooms without leaving their boats. More

Cooking With the Iron Men of Boy Scout Troop 4

Pecan muffins, anyone?
Members of this Jefferson City troop made culinary memories last weekend. More

Tick Alert!

Warm weather has brought ticks back with a vengeance. More

Life Finds A Way

Callery pears along highway roadside.
The reproducing and spreading species in this case is the ornamental tree called the callery pear, which may right now be in its full flowering glory in your front yard. Please don't plant any more callery pears. More

A Suprise in the Garden

As I rounded the corner into the garden area, I was suddenly caught off guard. More
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