When Beavers Take Your Trees

The note on the Natural Events Calendar for Dec. 23 was “beavers feed on sapling reserves.” More

Birds Beat Cold the Same Old Way

As I sat in front of the fireplace last weekend and listened to winds gusting in a 2-degree day, I tried to imagine what it was like to live in Missouri 4,000 years ago. More

Christmas Tree - When the Weather is Frightful

It’s time to get out and find just the right tree for the holidays. More
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Award for Recycling at Conservation Center

I don’t know many people whose skills extend from car mechanic to science teacher, hunter education instructor, manager of a conservation education center and now recycler extraordinaire. More

New Videos Help Fight Invasive Species

I just received a notice of a new video, available online, that’s aimed at helping outdoors people identify and fight invasive species. More

Widget Your Way to Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl Maps

Last year I noted the handy new map on our website that showed deer harvest totals by county. More

Toy Award: Sticks to You!

Creative play for children doesn’t require expensive toys. In fact, the Toy Hall of Fame recently announced one of the new winners…the stick. More

Keeping Safe Hunting in Treestands

Just a reminder as people head out to the fields and forests this year for deer season—one careless moment can be devastating. More

Woolly Worms, Winter & Climate Change

About this time each year I see woolly worms wherever I go. More

Keeping Our Outdoor Heritage Alive

Brisk autumn air is finally here! In the next few months, hundreds of thousands of Missourians will be taking to the woods and fields to enjoy it in all sorts of ways. More

Wildlife Watching Generates Billions

Who would think that watching birds at the backyard feeder or going farther afield to catch sight of an eagle or falcon might generate billions of dollars? More

New Indoor Archery Range at Linn Tech

I attended the opening of a new indoor archery and air rifle range this week at Linn State Technical College. More

Missouri Conservation Folks to the Rescue from Floods and Fires

The recent return of six Missouri conservation agents from flood-damaged communities in Louisiana reminded me of the brave actions that goes on largely out of sight and out of the minds of most of us. More

National Hunting and Fishing Day

I just wrote about Take a Child Outside Week a few days ago. Well, this is the week to celebrate the outdoors in a number of ways! Since 1972, the fourth Saturday of September has been National Hunting and Fishing Day. More

Take a Child Outside Week

It should really be “Take a Child Outside Year” but a week is a good start. Ideally, children should be able to spend time outdoors in nature close to home and on their own. But as Richard Louv noted in his book “Last Child in the Woods,” that’s less and less likely to happen without some conscious effort. More

Ripe Pawpaws - If You Can Find Them!

Yesterday, Bonnie and Bernadette (two of our editors and slow food enthusiasts) picked some pawpaw fruits from the trees in one of the courtyards at our office. More

2008 Missouri Waterfowl-Hunting Forecast

It looks like the dramatic flooding this past year will impact Missouri waterfowl hunting opportunities in a variety of ways. More

Bye Hummingbirds, Hello Teal

As I watched the birds gather and dive bomb each other at my hummingbird feeder yesterday, I noticed that they actually looked pudgy. More

Missouri Dove Hunting '08

I’m looking at the calendar, and Sept. 1 is near. For students that means back to school, but for Missouri hunters that marks the opening of dove season and the first of the fall hunting seasons to come. More

The Way to Better Shotgun Skills

Part of being a good hunter means honing your skills so every shot you take counts. With the cost of ammunition rising, the incentive to do that just keeps growing too. More

Hunters and Anglers Double Dollars for Wildlife and Fish

Who doesn’t like a bargain? If you donate to conservation or other causes you support, you most likely get offers to double those dollars now and then because some generous donor has agreed to a match. More

Missouri Students Win in Environthon

Exciting news just arrived that the team of five Missouri students from Parkway North High School placed 2nd in the Canon Envirothon held in Arizona this year. Each will receive a $4,000 scholarship. More

Update on Prairie Chickens' Return

The latest news is good. As of yesterday, Max Alleger reports that 40 prairie chickens (hens and chicks) have successfully made the move from Kansas to Missouri, with a little help from the Conservation crew of trappers and transporters. More

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Missouri!

A few weeks ago I mentioned what people can do to keep some invasive species out of Missouri. More

Prairie Chickens Coming Home to Roost

It’s hard to imagine, but just 60 years ago, wild deer, turkey, eagles and geese were all rare in Missouri. More
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My Big Fat Bullfrogs

Those loud, belching-croak sounds coming from my pond suggest an army of bullfrogs has appeared out of nowhere. More

Singing Insects

Summer is about to sizzle. More

In Search of Wild Raspberries

Last weekend was the perfect time to stroll along the edge of the woods for two reasons. More

Ditch the Invasive Hitchhikers

Camping and boating travelers beware! More

Native Landscaping for Wildlife and People

A reporter recently told me that the word “landscaping” appeals more to people today than “gardening” because it sounds like less work. More
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July 1 An Important Date For Fall Hunters

If you’re a fall hunter like I am and you purchased your Missouri small-game hunting permit in early March, you may want to make additional permit purchases soon. More

What’s This Thing in My Yard?

Every spring I get a few contacts about a strange object in someone’s yard. More

Gift of Lifetime of Hunting and Fishing

I was joking with Warren Rose (Missouri Conservation Department’s Outreach and Education regional supervisor based in Springfield) about whether he had gotten a postcard reminding him to buy his fishing license. More
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What Is That Blob Outside?

With the wet spring we’ve had (3 to 5 inches of rain above normal February to April in many Missouri counties), it’s no surprise that unusual things are growing out there. More
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Prize for Your Native Plants in a Pot

This time of year is my favorite when it comes to gardening. More

When Climate Change Is Close to Home

It seems that global warming/climate change is less of interest to most Missourians than is clean water close to home. More

New Leaders at Missouri Conservation Department

I was sad to see three key leaders and friends at the Conservation Department leave recently (one into a new job elsewhere and two into blissful retirement). More

Attracting Bright Orange Birds to Your Feeder

For eye-popping color, it’s hard to beat Baltimore orioles (called northern orioles for a while, then back to the earlier name). More

First Grant for Missouri National Archery in the Schools

It may be a small school with just 51 students, but Shawnee R-III didn’t let that hold them back— they’re the first school to receive the Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program grant offered by the Missouri Department of Conservation and Conservation Federation of Missouri. More

New Conservation Education Center Opens in the Ozarks

A new gem of a place, Twin Pines Conservation Education Center, held its grand opening Saturday, April 19. More

Why Missouri Native Seed?

Nothing works better than native plants when it comes to creating a healthy landscape. More

Spring Wildflowers Popping Up

This is my favorite time of year when finally I start seeing new life pop up in the woods, along the streams, across the fields. More

Past Springs Hurt Missouri’s Turkey Numbers Today

Although Missouri still ranks as one of best states in number of wild turkeys, those numbers are down, according to Missouri Conservation Resource Scientist Tom Dailey. More

Planting 120,000 Trees for Missouri Arbor Day

Plant a tree! Friday, April 4 is Missouri Arbor Day. More

Quail Top the Charts in Scott County

Across the southeastern United States, bobwhite quail have been increasingly rare to see in the past few decades. More

Grant Helps Missouri Community Trees

With all the storms and damage to trees in the past two years, many Missouri towns and cities face unusually big challenges when it comes to keeping their trees alive and thriving. More

No Bones about It: Prehistoric Paddlefish

The paddlefish is one very weird and ancient kind of fish. More

Spring Peepers Calling

You might think I’ve gone overboard on animal calls the past few weeks. More

Counting Missouri Turkey Gobbles for Fun and a Prize

Looking for an excuse to listen to the sounds of spring this year? More

Rods, Guns and Wild Roses

When I started working for the Conservation Department, I felt a sense of being at home with people who deeply enjoyed nature and the outdoors as much as I did. More

Listen for the Sound of Spring: Woodcocks

Before the new green appears, sounds mark the first signs of spring. More

Leap into Year of the Frog

Leap Day is the perfect day to jump on the Year of the Frog bandwagon. More

Muck Suckers of the River Bottom Rise Again?

Life can be tough for a fish that may live 100 years, isn’t sexually mature until it’s 20 years old or more and feeds by sucking in worms, leeches, crayfish and fish at the bottom of rivers or lakes. More

Conservation Leadership Corps in Action

I’m here today at the meeting of the Conservation Leadership Corps. More

Shoulder to Shoulder at Trout Opener

When I picture “trout fishing,” it’s often an image of a person alone in a remote stream. More

Life Blooms Despite the Cold

It was another windy, cold winter day. More

Matures, Boomers, Gen-X and Millenials Mix it Up

Changes in style and outlook from one generation to the next is nothing new. More
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Commission Presents Top Hunter Education Awards

The state’s top Hunter Education Instructor awards were presented by Commission Chair Chip McGeehan to two amazingly dedicated individuals at last week’s meeting of the Missouri Conservation Commission. More

Missouri’s 15 Million Acres of Woods

Missouri has a wealth of woods—15 million acres in fact. There actually are more trees today than there were 50 years ago. More
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Why Volunteer for Hunter Education?

“If all my hours of volunteering prevent one hunting accident, then it’s worth it. Plus, I have a group of instructors that work with me and together we make it happen." Mark Burns, 2008 Volunteer Hunter Education Instructor Award winner. More

Missouri Natural Resources Conference Looks Ahead

There were more than 800 people attending the Missouri Natural Resources Conference in the past few days. More

Volunteers Dedicated to Hunter Safety

As I sat at the awards ceremony honoring central Missouri’s volunteer hunter education instructors this week, I was struck by the great sense of good will and commitment they share. More

Land Trusts Protecting Paradise?

“Pave paradise, put up a parking lot” is what comes to mind when I think of the changes popping up each day in the land I see. More

New Park Along the Current River

Waking up to the calls of morning birds and a view of the sparkling ribbon of water below pine trees are two of the simple pleasures that will make a new state park in Shannon County a perfect destination. More

First Deer Meeting Over, More to Come

The first of 16 public meetings on Missouri deer management started with a crowd of more than 600 people in Springfield last night. More

Missouri Students Can the Litter

It’s that time of year when litter blows about on the bare ground and it’s so very obvious, so very ugly. More

Year of the Frog

The Year of the Frog has begun! More
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