Deer Management Open Houses

2014-15 Deer Regulations

Public opinion is an important part of MDC’s deer management efforts so the Department will be holding public meetings around the state to inform citizens of its deer management efforts and to gather feedback.

Questions to Discuss

  • What are your thoughts on the use of crossbows by all hunters during archery season?
  • Do you have ideas related to moving the November portion of the firearms season back one week?
  • Do you have comments on the elimination or reduction in the length of the antlerless portion of the firearm season?
  • Do you think implementing a one buck limit for archery season or a one buck annual limit regardless of method is a good or bad idea?
  • What are your thoughts on continuing/implementing the antler point restriction in the county you hunt?

Find background information to all these and other issues under consideration on this page. Attend a public meeting for additional information and a chance to talk with MDC staff. If you are unable to attend one of these dates, all open house materials, handouts, and comment opportunities can be found below. 

Meeting Locations

The public meetings will be an “open house” format for folks to stop by between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. on the following dates:

  • June 16: Rolla -- Rolla Junior High School Cafeteria, 1360 Soest Road
  • June 17: Springfield -- Missouri State University Christopher Bond Learning Center, 2401 S. Kansas Expressway
  • June 18: Joplin -- Missouri Southern State University Cornell Auditorium in Plaster Hall, 3950 Newman Road
  • June 19: Warsaw -- Warsaw Community Building Gym, 181 Harrison St.
  • June 23: St. Louis – Crestwood Community Center, 9245 Whitecliff Park Lane
  • June 24: Jackson – Knights of Columbus Hall, 3305 North High St.
  • June 25: Van Buren – Van Buren Youth and Community Center, 1204 D Highway
  • June 26: West Plains – West Plains Civic Center Exhibit Hall, 110 St. Louis St.
  • June 30: Kirksville – Kirksville High School Gym, 1300 S. Cottage Grove
  • July 1: Chillicothe – Litton Agriculture Campus M.W. Jenkins Building, 10780 Liv 235
  • July 2: Lee's Summit – Lakeland Community Church, 913 NE Colbern Road
  • July 7: Hannibal – Quality Inn Atlantis Ballroom, 120 Lindsey Drive
  • July 8: St. Joseph – Missouri Western University 218/219 Blum Union, 4525 Downs Drive
  • July 9: Columbia – Hilton Garden Inn Magnolia Room, 3300 Vandiver

Meeting Topics

  • History of deer management in Missouri
  • Hunter retention and recruitment
  • Qualitative and quantitative information on what we have heard from the public
  • Deer Management Plan
  • Possible regulation changes related to archery hunting and use of crossbows, timing of seasons, harvest limits for bucks and does, and disease management efforts related to Chronic Wasting Disease and other infectious diseases
  • Other issues under consideration related to landowner permits, conservation area deer management, and urban deer management
  • Thank you and “stay in touch” to gather demographic information and email addresses from attendees



Click on the links to read more and let us know your comments on any of these topics.


Key Messages: 

We work with you and for you to sustain healthy forests, fish and wildlife.

Deer Management Comments

Provide feedback on the deer management plan, regulation considerations, and other deer management issues. More

Deer Management Program Review

The history of deer managment in Missouri. More

Hunter Recruitment and Retention

Many states are experiencing extreme declines in hunting participation, making it more difficult to instill the importance of natural resources and relevance of hunting. Missouri is not among those states. Here's the numbers. More

Deer Management Plan

This plan outlines four primary goals that incorporate the current priorities for deer management in Missouri. More

Regulation Changes Under Consideration

Our goal is to adjust regulations in a manner that produces the desired population change (i.e., increase, stabilize, or decrease) and meets the desires of hunters, and ensure recruitment and retention. More

Landowner Permits

Landowners play a major role in our deer management program and, as a result, have some privileges which have evolved over time. Periodically, conditions change which alters the original intent of privileges afforded to landowners and lessees requiring reconsideration of those privileges. More

Conservation Area Management

Diverse hunting regulations on conservation areas have been established to fulfill the desires of hunters with different harvest and hunting methods interests. More

Urban Deer Management

Help us manage deer in urban areas. More

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