Monetary Gifts and Memorial Donations

Monetary gifts, whether made to remember or honor a loved one or simply because of a love of the Missouri outdoors, enrich a variety of conservation programs:

  • Kid’s Fishing & Youth Hunting Clinics
  • Nature Centers
  • Missouri Stream Teams
  • The Missouri Conservationist
  • Habitat Restoration and Conservation Improvements
  • Hunter Education
  • Shooting Ranges
  • Share the Harvest – funds for deer processing for food banks
  • Fish, Forest, and Wildlife Research Projects
  • Operation Game Thief
  • Land Acquisition

Your donation will help the Department provide Missourians with more conservation lands, programs and education for generations to come.  It can also establish a conservation tribute to a special person's love of outdoor Missouri.  Send donations (check or money order - no cash, please) to:

Missouri Department of Conservation
Donations Coordinator
PO Box 180
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180

Include your name and address, as well as those of the person(s) you wish to honor, and we will mail an acknowledgement to you and your honoree.

Thanks for making a gift of nature to the next generation!

$2.2M from the Edna A. Richter Trust to Promote Hunting, Fishing & Shooting Sports

Mindful of her husband’s love for hunting and fishing and the satisfaction that her only child derived from his work as a dedicated conservation agent, Mrs. Edna A. Richter designated the Missouri Department of Conservation as the primary beneficiary of her estate. Mrs. Richter, a resident of St. Charles, passed away in February 2007, leaving funds exceeding $2.2M to the Department. In accordance with the terms of Mrs. Richter’s trust, the Conservation Department will use the funds in her name and the names of her husband, Paul Richter, Jr., and her son, Robert Richter, to promote the hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. Mrs. Richter was born in 1922 in St. Charles and was employed for over 25 years with American Car Foundry Industries in St. Charles. Her husband, Paul, was born in Sedalia in 1921 and was a WWII veteran, serving as a paramedic in both the Navy and Marines. He was at Iwo Jima when the famous flag-raising photograph was taken. Mr. and Mrs. Richter were married in 1948. Mr. Richter, who preceded his wife in death, was a sales representative for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company for over 35 years. Their son, Robert, was born in 1949 and served as a conservation agent in Benton County prior to his untimely death in 1981.

Tichacek Donation Funds Disabled Accessible Blinds

A long-time waterfowl hunter and fisherman, Eugene J. (Gene) Tichacek has a lot of stories to tell. A resident of St. Louis, Gene fondly remembers going on hunts with his father as a boy with BB gun in tow. After receiving an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps in 1957 and enrolling at Saint Louis University, Gene’s hunting adventures included not only his father but also college buddies. Their destinations included such conservation areas as Duck Creek in southeast Missouri and Fountain Grove in north-central Missouri—places where he fondly remembers the camaraderie among fellow hunters during the blind draws in the wee early morning hours of a chilly fall day. “I remember many a time we’d sleep in sleeping bags in my father’s station wagon and catch a few winks before the blind draw,” Gene recalled. “And sometimes it wasn’t easy finding your blind in the dark. I remember George Brakhage, who managed Duck Creek at the time. He did an outstanding job and was a credit to the department. Those were just great times that I’ll never forget.” During the more than fifty years since, Gene has taken great satisfaction in passing on this part of his heritage—a love of and appreciation for wildlife and the outdoors—to his sons and grandsons. With a desire to give back for, in Gene’s words, “the many wonderful days of fishing and hunting enjoyment for four generations of Tichaceks,” Gene’s family trust made a gift to the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation that funded the Department of Conservation’s construction of two disabled accessible blinds—one a wildlife viewing blind, the other a hunting blind—at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area in St. Louis County. Gene is delighted that this donation has made possible the viewing of wildlife, outdoor photography, and hunting accessible to disabled persons--adults and children alike. “The blinds turned out fantastically,” Gene said. “This gives everyone a chance to enjoy nature and create lifelong outdoor memories.”

Shelton Bequest Conserves Native Prairie and Benefits Prairie Chicken Habitat

Joplin residents Wade and June Shelton enjoyed watching birds in their back yard and could be seen strolling along Shoal Creek. Before retirement, Wade worked as a receiving clerk with Vickers Hydrolics. June worked a number of years as a programmer for a local television station. Having no children, they wanted their legacy to be one that would provide Missourians with additional outdoor opportunities and at the same time preserve natural habitat for Missouri’s wildlife. To make their plans become a reality, they selected the Missouri Department of Conservation as beneficiary of their estate and, in 1983, began working with department staff to ensure that their lifetime of savings would be used to fund a land purchase to benefit southwest Missouri and its residents. “No bits and pieces,” Wade said. 

June passed away in 1983 not long after their first contact with the Department. Wade passed away in October 2007 following a short illness. Through saving and sound investments, the Sheltons left a gift of over $1,007,000. Mindful that the Sheltons desired that either prairie or forest land in southwest Missouri be purchased with their gift, in June of 2009 the Department acquired a 320 acre tract in Dade County that consists almost entirely of native prairie. The Wade and June Shelton Memorial Conservation Area, named to honor the conservation legacy of these two Missourians, is known to provide nesting, brood rearing, and escape cover for a flock of greater prairie chickens. 

Key Messages: 

Missourians care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife.

July-September 2015

Cameron Bird, Union

  • Elmer & Debbie Oswalt
  • Pat & Brenda Taylor & Family
  • Loretta & Dennis Bennett
  • Terl & Lisa Tanner

Hank Blodgett, St. Louis

  • Debbie Hipp

Tom Clayton, Fenton

  • James Powers
  • Stephen & Connie Dore
  • Thomas & Priscilla Jackman

James Dean, Wildwood

  • Thomas & Susan Mitchell

Tom Ely, Saint Charles

  • Steven & Linda Freeman
  • Cletus Friedman
  • Bradley & Patti Green
  • Dave & June Calvert

Andrew French, Ballwin

  • John & Leslee Zell
  • Lisa Lilly
  • Bunco Babes
  • James & Betty Rawlings
  • Sally Zell
  • Nancy Derosier

Francis George, Maplewood

  • Rambling Oaks Subdivision
  • Kevin Bayless & Angela Standish
  • Tim & Lisa Maloney
  • Rick & Patty Eisenberg
  • Mary Mitchell
  • Bob & Kathy Reich
  • Deborah Trachsel & Galvin Humphries, Sr.
  • Rob & Megan Compton

Kenneth Hays, Overland

  • Earl & Nikki Gomer
  • Missouri Metals LLC
  • RLI Rockin Referrals
  • Sarah & Chad Coleman H2H Group

Michael Hines, Affton

  • Diane Bunton

Margie Hinton,

  • Ital & Bonnie Veron

Nick Janchyshyn, Boonville

  • Thomas & Lynda Miller

Chris Lubinski,

  • Damon Kizzire

Duane Luchtel, Blue Springs

  • InSite Group, Inc.

Wesley McCune,

  • Carolyn McCune

Kenneth Messina, Kirkwood

  • Michael & Lisa Kelly

Richard Mussman, O'Fallon

  • Robert Arendt
  • Steve Downs
  • Janet Freese
  • Mary Jo Geary
  • Jack & Billie Drysdale
  • Rick Goodman

Robert Proffitt, Liberty

  • Michael & Janice Kennedy
  • Brad & Lisa Evans
  • Marylue Bowers
  • Melba Grove
  • Ed & Susan Miller
  • Bob & Janet Price
  • Bob & Stacey Becker
  • Leonard & Kay Studer
  • Gerry & Lucille Luke
  • Garry & Rosanne Lykken
  • Allen & Lisa Lee
  • David & Rose Kelley
  • Don & Sharon McCubbin
  • Jim & Christry Cornelius
  • Mary Bishop
  • Charles & Marilyn Spohr
  • Bettie Jean Buell
  • Joe & Jean Gorman
  • Norma Rahter Armour
  • Tony & Lana Southwick
  • Dennis & Mary Ann Parker
  • Gloria Proffitt
  • Jody & Ray Davis

Lucy Ravenscraft,

  • Kelly Ravenscraft

Jimmy Shadow, O'Fallon

  • Michael & Lisa Hritz
  • Phyllis & Paul Amsterdam
  • David & Debbie Green
  • Daniel & Gabrielle Callahan

Nancy Singletary, Dow, IL

  • Joyce & David Saunders

Dale Smith, Jackson

  • Walter & Ruth Guilliams
  • Michael & Bernita Leadbetter
  • Mariesa Lesch
  • Tony & Sherry Hammes
  • Jack & Mary Anne Martin

Kay Smith,

  • Luecke Distributing Co, Inc.

James D. Veron, III, St. Louis

  • Kevin J. Roach, LLC
  • Jeanette & Nathaniel Ewing
  • Joann Hejna
  • Jane Abrams

Harry Yurchak, High Ridge

  • Richard & Karen Detring

Missouri Conservationist and Xplor

  • Wilda Waller
  • Carl & Judy Laber
  • Charles Foudray
  • Phillip Kohler
  • Ronald Pohle

Other Donations

  • Matt Dollar
  • Acorn Naturalist
  • Ryan McCarty, The Cellular Connection
  • Frankie Macaluso
  • Tami Helfrich
  • Anne Riedy
  • Amy Wells in honor of Gary Westhoff
  • Richard Thom
  • Cabellas
  • Raymond Piles
  • Eldor Hadler
  • Ralph Hibdon

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