Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan

Conservation Priorities


To protect and manage the forest, fish, and wildlife resources of the state and to facilitate and provide opportunities for all citizens to use, enjoy and learn about these resources.


The Department shall be a forward looking agency … implementing solid core values ensuring integrity and trust…using adaptive learning and creative thinking … embracing technology and providing superior public service—to be the national leader in forest, fish, and wildlife management proactively advancing our mission through understanding natural resource and social landscapes.


  • Ensure healthy and sustainable forest, fish, and wildlife resources throughout the state.
  • Manage lands held in public trust and associated infrastructure to ensure continued benefit to citizens and to forest, fish, and wildlife resources.
  • Ensure sound financial accountability and transparency in all areas of operation.
  • Provide opportunities for active citizen involvement in services and conservation education in both rural and urban areas.
  • Engage partners at all levels (individual, community, county, state, federal) to enhance natural resources and effective delivery of conservation services.

Priority/Focus Within All Operational Areas

  • Increase communication and education within and outside the agency.
  • Boldly advance research and management.
  • Increase citizen involvement and partnerships.
  • Grow quality staff.

Values/Behaviors of Employees

  • Excellent public service is essential—we work to deliver more than is expected.
  • All citizens are important—we treat citizens the way we would want to be treated.
  • Missourians are partners to achieve conservation success—we communicate openly and look for ways to make it easier to partner.
  • Fairness, objectivity, sound science, integrity and accountability guide actions—we know conservation best, value each other’s time, strive to work at the speed of business not the speed of government, and are transparent.
  • Employees are Department’s most important asset—we all work to advance conservation by being results driven, working as a team, serving as ambassadors for conservation, and living out the conservation ethic through our actions.

Key Messages: 

We work with you and for you to sustain healthy forests, fish and wildlife.

This brochure explains how we fulfill our mission.

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